'I think we're basically both pregnant': says clueless dad with death wish

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If you've ever been pregnant or you're currently growing a baby then you'll know it's akin to running a marathon. In fact, actual scientific studies have shown that to be the case - and that's just the physical toll.

One genius, however, decided that as he works a whole lot more hours than his expectant wife, "we're basically both pregnant."

And he had the gall to tell her.

In a post to Reddit, the father explained, "My wife and I do well financially, so we decided to have our fourth child. Every single pregnancy we've been through my wife has been a complete nightmare."

According to our hero, there are certain things he can tolerate while others leave him a tad frustrated.

"Some things I can deal with, like waking up to the sound of her puking her guts out every morning, but when she starts demanding I go to the store every day to get her snacks or set up her foot bath thingy because her feet are swollen, I get a little impatient."

He gets a little impatient ...

"I work way longer hours than her in a much more physically demanding profession (I'm a plumber, she's an engineer) so I think we're putting an equal amount of effort into this baby," dad continues.

"And it's not like I don't help around the house, either. She does all the cooking and dishes, but I do laundry, take out garbage, and mow the lawn My MIL comes over to help with the kids because she says I'm useless and while I appreciate the help I'm sick of her crap. Just because I want one hour of video games to myself a day instead of cleaning up messes in the kitchen doesn't mean I'm "useless"".

Now, the situation came to a head when the man's wife, "screamed at me from the kitchen to get of my ass and entertain our twins so she could focus on her meatloaf."


Oh, but it gets worse.

"I made a dumb joke about how this is the third meatloaf we'll be eating this week, and she. lost. her. s**t," dad continues.

"She told me how I have no sympathy for the fact that she's pregnant, I should be taking on more of her chores since I can't breastfeed, but then I reminded her that I still work a lot more hours than her, so I think we're basically both pregnant."

As you can imagine, mum was having none of it.

"She got really quiet, and has only spoken to me regarding the kids since," our hero says. "I don't think I'm wrong but I'll apologise to her if it makes her happy."

Am I the A--hole? He asks Reddit.

And the answer was a hands down, no contest, absolutely, completely and utterly - YES.

"You want to play video games instead of watch the kids?" one commenter said.

"You're irritated by what your wife is making dinner? You think that things like waking up in the middle of the night because she's puking are analogous to waking up in the night to puke? Now, your wife needs to handle some things better, but this is a stupid way and stupid plan to think this will fix it. She's creating a living creature inside of her and let me assure you that shit is way harder than whatever you have to do. My god man."

"She's cooking dinner, dealing with chores, looking after three kids and literally growing another human AND working while you're sat on your bum whinging or playing video games," said another.

"If you don't want meatloaf make dinner yourself! Why on earth she would want a 4th child with anyone with such a selfish moaning man I don't know. You owe her a serious apology and get yourself a reality check.

Not everyone was quite as harsh, however. 

"I respect him for tolerating the puking of his pregnant wife," said another. "I remember when my wife was pregnant I had a zero tolerance policy for puking. First time she puked I made her sleep in the barn with the animals for the rest of her pregnancy."

Over one thousand comments later, dad popped back with an update.

"My wife found this post and now she wants us to do couples counseling."