Emotional moment for deaf dad-to-be

David finds out the news.
David finds out the news.  Photo: YouTube

When Brittany Welch found out she was expecting a baby, she was determined to share the news with her husband in a special way.

With that in mind the US woman made up a special gift bag for dad-to-be David, who is deaf, and filmed his emotional reaction as he opened it.

In the clip, which Brittany posted on YouTube, David at first looks confused by the green bag of goodies before he reaches inside.

The first present David unwraps is a Baby Ruth chocolate bar which leaves him confused.

The next present, a Dad's Root Beer, only adds to the confusion before the message his wife might be giving him starts to dawn on David.

That happy truth is confirmed when Brittany tells her husband there is more inside the bag and he rummages through to find two positive pregnancy tests.

In sign language, he asks: "You're pregnant?" An emotional David then begins to cry tears of joy before reaching out to hug his wife.

The touching clip was filmed in October, but Brittany only uploaded to YouTube on December 28. It has already been viewed more than one million times.