'Decent dude' trophy awarded to man who gave up his seat for a pregnant woman

Ricky Barksdale was chuffed to receive his 'Decent Dude' trophy.
Ricky Barksdale was chuffed to receive his 'Decent Dude' trophy. Photo: Yvonne Lim/Instagram

Getting around can be tough when you're eight months pregnant with a toddler, and people's attitudes on public transport can make all the difference.

Yvonne Lin is nearly full term and regularly uses public transport to get around the city. In her first pregnancy no man ever offered her his seat - and she carried around a card of thanks to give the first one who did, but it was only women who ever offered, she told CBS News.

The second time around she had a special something made and carried it in her bag when she travelled: a trophy of a Hulk-like man inscribed with '#1 Decent Dude,' followed by 'First man to offer subway seat to pregnant woman throughout two pregnancies.'

Yvonne posted about her social experiment on her Instagram account to celebrate the day it finally happened.

"I'm about 8ish months preggers (again) and I look it. I've been gradually coming to the conclusion that men suck. I didn't get a single subway seat offered to me by a man throughout my first pregnancy. So for the second pregnancy, I had this made and I've been carrying it around everyday - till last Friday. This guy is the winner!"

The special guy is Harlem actor and dancer Ricky Barksdale, who spotted Lin when he looked up from his smartphone and saw her. He then apologised for not seeing her sooner and offered her his seat.

She thanked him then dug around in her bag before presenting th trophy to the surprised train-goer.

Now, Barksdale is delighted that some faith in the men of New York City has been restored.

"It was a cool gesture," he said. "Things like that don't happen in New York City. I felt like I was just doing a decent thing as a human being."