Dad-to-be straps on six kilo ball to honour pregnant wife

Blake Milchuk strapped a heavy medicine ball to his abdomen.
Blake Milchuk strapped a heavy medicine ball to his abdomen. Photo: Blake Milchuk/Instagram

We all want a partner who will go all out for us. To be there when the chips are down, to see us at our worst and still love us - and, of course, if we decide to make a family, to be there through all the trials and tribulations that entails.

One dad has gone the extra mile in honour of his 37-week pregnant wife. Having seen her kicking goals in life while carrying their unborn child for the past eight months, Blake Milchuk chose to amp up his CrossFit workout to gain some insight into the physical toll of pregnancy.

(For those not up on these things, CrossFit is one of the most intense exercise regimes on the planet, incorporating every day movements into monumental physical challenges, graded in intensity for the user.)

Being a regular CrossFit class attendee, Blake and his fellow CrossFitters decided it would an amusing experiment for him to try taping a medicine ball to his abdomen. He tells For The Win, "It was just something that we had been talking about at the gym and it would be funny to do, and originally we were going to use a weight vest."

Blake's gym, CrossFit Krypton in Virginia, posted a video to its Instagram feed showing him getting through an arduous workout - all with the added challenge of a six kilo ball strapped to him.

The trainer asks, "How's that feeling there Blake?" He replies, "It does not feel good."

"If you're not rowing near your chin, you're not trying," says the trainer as Blake struggles to get the machine handle past his faux pregnant belly.

With Blake's wife working out close by and watching, the coach says to her, "This is all because of you."


"Or him," she jokes.

Reposting the video on his own feed, Blake says "@kmilchuck is a badass and still hitting the gym, figured I could be a good sport and see whats its like #37week #14lbbaby #noteasy."

​While Blake has had a taste of the rigors of pregnancy, he's under no illusion he knows it all. "Obviously I understand taping a 14-pound med ball is not in comparison to what she's done in carrying the baby for the past 37 weeks," he admits.

The couple decided not to find out the gender of the baby but with two CrossFit parents, he or she is sure to come out with stamina by the bucketload.