Dad discovers a present even better than Apple Watch

 Photo: YouTube

This man thought he was getting an Apple Watch as a birthday present, but he was wrong.

His wife had another, much bigger, surprise in mind when she handed her husband the thin white Apple box. 

"This is a gift that's been hiding in plain sight for a while," his wife says as she gives him the box.

"I got you something that I wanted us to be able to share together."  

"Is this an iWatch?" the man asks excitedly when he sees the box.

But he soon forgets his desire for new technology after spying the positive pregnancy test inside.

"What? Are you serious?" he says before a huge smile spreads across his face.

"We're gonna have a baby!" 

From the joy in the dad-to-be's voice, it appears the baby news made his birthday a very happy one.