Czech mum to give birth to country's first quins

Multiple mamma ... Alexandra Kinova will give birth to five babies on Sunday.
Multiple mamma ... Alexandra Kinova will give birth to five babies on Sunday. 

UPDATE: Alexandra gave birth to the five babies - four boys and a girl - on June 2, 2013.

"The girl is named Tereza, the identical twins Michael and Deniel and we also have Alex and Martin," her partner, Antonin Kroscen, told local reporters.

The babies were delivered at 31 weeks "without complications", doctors said.

"When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry" ... Alexandra Kinova
"When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry" ... Alexandra Kinova 

The quins all weighed between 1005g and 1340g. They now remain in intensive care, where they're said to be in a stable condition, with doctors stating they have a 95 per cent chance of growing up to be healthy.  

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This Sunday, as you’re spending time with your family, think of Alexandra Kinova, who will be giving birth to her quintuplet babies in a Czech hospital from 3pm AEST.  

The 23-year-old, who is already a mum of one, fell pregnant with the five babies without using IVF, and be delivering the country’s first set of quins.

Amazingly, Alexandra only learnt she was having five babies last month. As multiples run in both her family and that of her partner, she hadn’t been surprised when doctors first said she was having twins. Then in March, staff at the Prague Institute for the Care of Mother and Child told her she was having four babies.

In April, however, they confirmed she was pregnant with quintuplets.


“When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry,” she told Czech news site

“We can not really imagine how it will be at home!”

Alexandra knows that she’s having two boys and a girl – who will be named Daniel, Michael and Tereza – but as two of the babies are hidden behind their siblings in the womb, their genders are unknown. She has another four names ready.

“We can not see anything properly – only a head or legs,” she said.

The pregnancy has passed without complications, apart from a few months of morning sickness. In the final lead up to the births, Alexandra has been in hospital, where doctors have worked on strengthening the babies’ lungs before their caesarean births this Sunday.

Essential Baby was unable to ascertain the length of Alexandra's pregnancy so far, but the average quintuplet gestation is around 30 weeks. 

Dr Alena Měchurová, head of the hospital, says that double the usual number of doctors and nurses will be on hand for the surgery.    

The deputy mayor of Alexandra’s home town of Milovice, about 30km east of Prague, has confirmed that the family will get financial assistance from the government, and that they have been moved to a larger home.

Alexandra and her partner will also receive support from two government-funded nannies until the children turn three.

The chances of falling pregnant with quintuplets without the use of IVF are estimated at one in 55-60 million. It can occur when a few eggs are fertilised at once, or when a fertilised egg divides.