Congratulations - it's a Ford Fetus!

It was just a normal checkup on his pregnant wife.

But Reddit user Brewhaus3223 spotted something unusual with the ultrasound image, and it wasn't until he zoomed into the picture that he noticed a familiar shape - his wife was giving birth to a sports car.

Naturally he posted the picture online and users raced to come up with the best pun.

"The Fast and the Fetus"

"The All-New Ford Fetus!"

"Is it a Boygatti or a Girlarri?"

He told the website someecards that this is the couple's second child. Their first was through IVF and they did not expect to be able to conceive naturally.

"A miracle happened and my wife became pregnant naturally - well, as naturally as you can when you're carrying a car."

For the record, and in case you're not able to tell from the scan, their second child is a Boygatti.