Baby surprise for 60-year-old woman

Lilabai, a mum to her fourth child at age 60.
Lilabai, a mum to her fourth child at age 60. 

We’ve written about surprise babies before, when women have only learnt they’re expecting a baby in their third trimester, or didn’t even realise they were pregnant before going into labour.

In June there was the case of an American woman who was training for a half-marathon when doctors revealed that her back pains were actually labour pains. Closer to home, there was Essential Baby forum member and mum of two Rosalie Fodor, who didn’t realise she was pregnant until she was giving birth in March.

Most people are disbelieving when they hear these stories. Many say the mum must have been in denial, or that no woman could be so out of her touch with her own body that she wouldn’t realise she was expecting.

Lilabai's husband with their new daughter.
Lilabai's husband with their new daughter. 

But one woman who recently gave birth to a surprise baby had a very good reason to think she wouldn’t be pregnant: she’s 60 years old.

Known as Lilabai, the woman from Indore, India, was already a mum to three children, including a 13-year-old son, when she visited a hospital complaining of stomach pains on June 11.  

Doctors were surprised to find a fetal heartbeat in the 60-year-old.

Lilabai was transferred to Indore's Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital, where she was stablised before being taken for a caesarean.

On June 13 she gave birth to a healthy 3.5kg daughter.

Lilabai had been in good spirits before the birth, later telling journalists she was only concerned about the health of her unborn baby.

India Today reported that hospital officials had said there were no further health concerns for the mum and baby – “except for the likelihood that the child could be orphaned at an early age because of her parents' old age”.

In India, women start to go through menopause around an average age of 44.

Australian women start menopause later, at around 51 years of age.