Aunt worried her baby nephew is being named after a famous pig: 'I think he'll be bullied'

The perfect baby name is hard to find.
The perfect baby name is hard to find. Photo: Getty Images

When choosing a baby name, parents-to-be try to think of any negative association their chosen name might have. 

But one woman is worried her sister didn't think hard enough and inadvertently plans to name her precious newborn after a famous pig. (Spoiler: it's not Peppa) 

The worried new aunt took to Reddit to see if she was out of line for pointing out the coincidence.  

The woman writes that her sister is pregnant with twin boys and announced her chosen baby names, "Oliver Lee" for baby number one and "Wilbur Felix" for baby number two.

Although she tried to be supportive, when asked about her opinion for baby two's name, the woman admitted to her sister that she didn't think it was a good name due to the association with the pig from Charlotte's Web.

"I think he will be bullied in school especially if he's a little chubby. I told her that I think it would be better as a middle name… (or a) nickname (so that) he wouldn't be bullied in school," the woman explained.

"She told me that I was being a jerk and that it's a very nice name, that he definitely won't be bullied because a lot of kids these days don't even know what Charlotte's Web is.

"I told her that she could of course name him whatever she wants as it is her kid, but it's setting the kid up for being teased when she could just give him a normal first name and use it as a middle instead."

Opinions were divided about the name and the woman's approach to pointing it out to her sister.


"Never ask for an opinion unless you're willing to get an honest one," advised one commenter.

"If kids want to be mean, it's usually in less sophisticated ways than referencing each other's names in famous children's literature," they added.

"Charlotte's Web is still a very popular read aloud…Chances are very high kids will find out," pointed out another.

"Your reasoning is fairly valid. Wilbur is a fairly old-style name, and book, movie and TV references for a name are one or two internet searches away. All one kid needs to do is connect Wilbur to a pig, and the cyber-bullying will begin," explained one commenter.

"However, she is right that it's her choice to name her baby what she chooses. But... she (did ask) you for your opinions on the names, and you answered honestly. If she didn't want to know your view, she shouldn't have asked,"

"I'd just say to give her time and space," the commenter advised. "Let her come down out of the anger, and explain that you're not vetoing the name; you're just giving your opinion on it. That you'll love your nephew no matter what he's named and will be there for him."