And baby makes ... 22!

Sue Radford with 14 of her children.
Sue Radford with 14 of her children.  Photo: Channel 4

Baby number 20. Can you imagine? Well, that's the reality for Britain's biggest family. 

Noel and Sue Radford, from Lancashire, shared a picture of their latest ultrasound and a chalkboard that read: "Boys – 10, Girls – 9 and BABY makes 20. Arriving Sept 2017" on Facebook.

Along with the post the family wrote: "Well I guess the Australian psychic was wrong".

The family has received thousands of comments – mostly congratulatory, but, as always, served with a heap of criticism.

One mum wrote, "I wonder how much attention and nurturing you can give each child and baby. Personally I feel it is selfish to keep having so many by choice when all the kids will suffer loss of time and space because of what is a serious addiction."

Another commented, "Looks like typical hoarding behavior to me. Besides the scandalous environmental impact, I don't understand how so many people can find this admirable when these people clearly have mental issues. How this is legal is beyond me."

"How do you find the energy for all that rumpy pumpy with so many children! I struggle with finding the motivation and I only have two," one added.

The couple fell pregnant with their first child when Mrs Radford was 14 years old and are now parents to Chris, 27, Sophie, 22, Chloe, 21, Jack, 19, Daniel, 17, Luke, 15, Millie, 14, Katie, 13, James, 12, Ellie, 11, Aimee, 10, Josh, 9, Max, 7, Tillie, 6, Oscar, 4, Casper, 3, toddler Hallie, and baby Phoebe.


The couple sadly lost their son Alfie at 23 weeks in 2014.

The huge family live in a £240,000 (nearly $400,000) Victorian house, have no credit cards, receive no benefits, holiday every year with their large brood, and spend £300 (about $500) a week on groceries. Every day about nine litres of milk, three litres of juice and three boxes of cereal are consumed. Stews and pasta are often on the menu for dinner.

Each day, the family wash nine loads of washing and use four toilet rolls. They go through 30 bottles of washing liquid each month.

Morning times are run military style, according to the Daily Mail, with breakfast split into two sittings. Mr Radford, who gets up at 5am to work his 11-hour shift in the family bakery, pops home at 7.45am to help get the kids ready and dropped at school. All the uniforms are laid out the night before.

Nights aren't that different, with all the younger kids bathed and in bed by 7pm and older ones in bed by 9pm. At 10pm, Mr and Mrs Radford are also tucked up in bed.

Seriously, I don't how they get through each day – I struggle with just three children, let alone finding the time to make so many babies. Some might say it's tricky to find the time and energy to have a sex life with their partner once kids are in the picture, but these two have definitely put that claim to bed.