Five reasons why I can't wait to be pregnant again

Love your bump
Love your bump Photo: Getty Images

Being pregnant was not easy for me. I didn't float through pregnancy with a beautiful glow. I had swollen ankles, epic mood swings and spent the majority of the 9 months feeling like I could exorcist vomit at will. Regardless, I am beyond excited to become pregnant again. Although I imagine my next pregnancy will be just as hard as my previous two, here is why I can't wait to do it again.

Telling my family

My family and friends never cease to amaze me and their reactions to my last two pregnancies have never fallen short. They are filled with pride, excitement and joy each and every time. My parents and in-laws will start buying things immediately, my siblings will start guessing names and sexes and my friends will start asking for belly pictures. It's wonderful knowing that this little life although having just started, will already be loved and surrounded by caring family and friends. It is a gorgeous feeling.

Ringing my midwife

I had the privilege of having the most beautiful women as my midwife for my last two pregnancies and I cannot wait to call her and let her know that we are in for a third. I mentioned to her after having my second, that I wouldn't be having another unless she would be my midwife. Her presence to me is far more important then I think anyone realises. She has become my security blanket and I couldn't imagine having another baby without her there guiding me. Not only am I excited to see her, but I cannot wait to show her how much my girls have grown and how beautiful they have become since she last saw them. In the instance she isn't free, I'll put on a brave face and hope that my new midwife is just as perfect, but honestly, I'll be a little devastated.

Having the bump

During my last two pregnancies, my bump was nothing but an inconvenience. It made driving, working and basically living uncomfortable. But this time, I know it will be my last bump and I plan to enjoy every moment. Although frustrating at times, that bump gave me the feeling of never being alone which was amazing. I felt important and accomplished; as if I was facing a feat no one had conquered before. I was creating life. Constantly knowing that there was a little human growing inside me and listening to my heart was incredible. And those small (and sometimes big) kicks were a constant reminder that this person was alive and real. If nothing else, I am looking forward to having an excuse to rest my hands on my round stomach with more than just a club sandwich inside.

Giving birth

Many people I speak to think that it is strange that I look forward to something so challenging. But for me, child birth was a raw, vulnerable, exciting and life changing experience. Not only did my life change as I became a mother of one and then two children, but I learnt so much about myself. I had never been so proud of what I had accomplished, mentally and physically and I had never felt as close as I had to my partner either. It revealed a totally different side to both of us and the love that grew from those intense experiences has never waivered. I'm excited to see what will unfold. Will this birth be similar to be last or will this baby throw me a curve ball? I am genuinely looking forward to the roller coaster.

Meeting my baby

Simply, I can't wait to be pregnant again because it means that I am creating another little person who will steal my heart. This is such a cliché statement but it rings true. I feel totally and utterly encompassed by my two little girls. They own every bit of me. They are my life and my loves. They are my babies. Making another little life is magical and so incredibly special. This person will take their place in my life and on my soul. I cannot wait to meet them.