Mum-to-be reveals she fell pregnant with third baby while expecting twins

The US mum-to-be is documenting her pregnancy on TikTok.
The US mum-to-be is documenting her pregnancy on TikTok. Photo: TiKTok

A US mother, who is expecting twins, has shocked everyone after she revealed she is now expecting triplets - with the third baby conceived while she was already pregnant. 

The mother, who has been documenting her pregnancy journey on TikTok, says it's her first pregnancy and the babies were conceived 10 days apart.

The woman described how the unusual pregnancy occurred, explaining it's called superfetation and occurs when a woman ovulates twice a month.

 "Normally your body is supposed to switch up your hormones and stop you from ovulating again once you're already pregnant," The mum-to-be said. "In my circumstance it did not."

"So technically our babies do have different due dates, luckily they're close enough that they will be born the same day, so they will all still be considered triplets," she continued.

"So with superfetation the eggs came at different dates, and so they have different gestational ages."

The woman said her doctor has been doing every two weeks and can confirm the reason the third baby is smaller is definitely due to superfetation and not twin absorption or a malnourished baby.


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"And sure enough it's been hitting every single milestone, growing at a healthy rate, just 10 to 11 days behind the first two babies we have," she explained.

Although they've got a very hectic life ahead, the parents-to-be are thrilled and can't wait to welcome their three babies.

"We are so blessed and thankful," the mum to be gushed. "We are so so thankful to have three babies coming along right now."