Shocked and disgusted: Mum says she discovered dirty nappies in Amazon delivery

Facebook/ Nassly Sales
Facebook/ Nassly Sales 

A US mother says she was left disgusted and shocked after discovering dirty nappies among her Amazon order.

Nassly Sales of New Jersey took to Facebook on Thursday to share her story and to demand an investigation into the incident.

"After a 12+ hour workday, I come home exhausted with my eyes burning from overuse," Ms Sales writes. "In the dark, I open my newly arrived box of diapers from Amazon to change my child before I go to sleep."

But when she removed the plastic bag containing the Luvs nappies, the mother-of-two noticed that it was heavier than usual.

"I turn on the lights. To my greatest shock ... these diapers are SOILED! It stinks of poop and urine!" she writes. "The packaging was tampered with and Amazon actually sold me neatly placed soiled diapers!"

After disinfecting her bed, Ms Sales explains that she spoke to an Amazon customer service representative whom she claims "appears completely unmoved at this situation".

"Some of the many idiotic statements included: my being "welcome to keep the (soiled diapers) item' and 'sorry for the inconvenience'" she writes.

And while Sales notes that she was offered a refund on the Amazon gift card she used, she says it's not enough.


"I want a regular refund," she says. "I'm afraid to shop at Amazon again."

Claiming that Amazon is refusing to conduct an investigation or escalate what she calls this "health hazard/criminal act" Ms Sales adds that she has reached out to the Centre for Disease Control.

"I'm including a picture of the diapers and the packaging," Ms Sales continues. "I want Amazon to investigate and find these criminals who are putting children's lives in danger.

"Quality control and safety is most important!"

In a statement provided to local news PIX11 on Sunday, an Amazon spokesperson said: "We work hard to provide customers with a great experience and deeply regret that this situation did not live up to our high standards. We worked directly with the customer to address this situation."

Essential Baby has contacted Amazon for comment.