'Let the parents hug first': Mum-to-be knocked to ground in epic gender reveal fail

Picture: TikTok
Picture: TikTok 

One couple's gender reveal party has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

It's a big moment for any expecting parents hoping to find out the sex of their baby, but for one couple, the bonding moment was spectacularly upstaged by an over-excited friend.

In a video posted to TikTok, the glamorous couple can be seen surrounded by friends and family to share the special occasion. 

The moment appears to have been carefully planned, with the couple dressed up and having created a pink and blue balloon sculpture in the shape of a question mark.

As the proud dad calls for the crowd to count from one to three to pop the balloons and reveal if they were to have a son or daughter, the excitement begins to build.  

But while the moment starts sweetly, with the crowd cheering as pink glitter fills the sky and the mum jumps up and down with joy, it all becomes a bit much for one friend.

When the mum turns to give her partner a hug, a man can be seen running from behind her to make a beeline to get his own hug with the dad.

As the mum moves to share the moment with her partner, she's instead met with a shoulder charge from the seemingly oblivious friend and knocked to the ground, as he takes the hug instead.

While the two friends embrace, unaware of what happened, others in the crowd rush over to help the mum.


Many commenting on the video have been critical of the friend for 'stealing' the couple's moment. 

"I get that people are excited but let be and do what they gotta do first," said one. 

"Yes family and friends get excited, but let the parents hug it out first , they just found out the gender of their child ...it's common decency," wrote another. 

The video has so far racked up than 4.2 million views and is another in a line of gender-reveals gone wrong.

The trend for big reveals has been copping criticism of late, as many couples turn what should be a sweet family moment into expensive and extravogant affairs to plaster on social media.

Such as a couple from Dubai who paid a cool $130,000 AUD to have their baby's gender projected onto the Burj Khalifa building. 

They can also be dangerous. Earlier this year a smoke machine used in a gender reveal sparked a serious wildfire in Los Angeles which destroyed thousands of acres of land, while a grandmother-to-be in Iowa was killed by flying shrapnel from a home made 'pipe bomb' used for the announcement. 

While the mum in the latest debacle was reportedly uninjured in the event, it will no doubt remain memorable for a very different reason.

Here's hoping that friend is more cautious when the baby girl arrives.