Kate Fridkis

Kate Fridkis

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The quest for a baby name

Kate Fridkis I spent the entire evening on my computer, reading lists of thousands of names. My daughter needed a name!

The four words that made me not so afraid of birth


Kate Fridkis I really want to focus on the baby, but birth is so damn distracting. It's just looming there, at the end of pregnancy. And it worries me.

'I'm not ready to be a mum'

Kate Fridkis When I think of myself as a 'mum', I don’t like that. I may be a mum soon, but I’m not ready to say it yet.

How pregnancy changed my body image


Kate Fridkis The Mayo Clinic guide warns: "Simply put, you may feel fat and unattractive." But pregnancy can change your body image for the better, too.

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