Will these be the top baby name trends of 2019?


Some baby name trends are long-lasting while others are more fleeting - so what is on the horizon for the next 12 months when it comes to monikers for the world's newest citizens?

Baby name experts Linda Rosenkrantz and Pamela Redmond of popular site Nameberry have just published their favourite post of the year -  the baby name trends they are predicting will be centre stage in 2019.

Although the US trends and top baby names tend to differ from Australia's, it's still a fascinating snapshot into modern parents. Here's a summary of the expert predictions.

There's the continuation of trends we've been seeing for a few years now. Ones like three letter names for boys and girls, celebrity surname-names and nickname names.

Then there are the new ones.

While gender neutral names have been a thing for a while, now parents are looking to names with no gender connotations at all. So while Sydney was once solely a male name, it has slowly been adopted by parents for their baby daughters.

That would be out according to new-style 'non-binary' naming. Nameberry gives the examples of Journey, Story and Justice.

They also cite names with a global flavour being more acceptable and sought by parents in 2019. Aroha, Acacius, Sena, Lior, Jedda and Cyrene are some of the examples given.

Names evoking strong colour have always had a place in the hearts of baby namers, but in 2019 it will be the softer hues taking their places. names such as Ivory, Moss, Ash, Lilac and Mauve will join the already popular Olive and Sage in this category.

F will be the most popular consonant and U will finally get her turn as most popular vowel sound, with names such as Eulalie, Tallulah, Juniper and Reuben getting more attention than in past years, along with True, Jude and Luna, which already come loaded with celeb-cred.

Parents looking for 'out there' middle names will look to the planet's wild animals for inspiration - Fox, Lion, Wolf, Falcon, Tiger and Bear are listed as popular predictions.

We've listed only a few, so make sure you read Nameberry's full and fascinating roundup of baby name predictions for 2019.