This 'very strange' baby name isn't actually that rare

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"Is this the strangest baby name ever?"

That's what one mum is asking after hearing the name given to her friend's new bub: Abcde.

Nope, that's not a typo.

"[It's] pronounced  Ab-si-dee," the mum wrote in the forum Net Mums, adding, "I've never heard of this name before - has anyone else?"

"That is the silliest name I've ever heard - but kudos for the imaginative pronunciation. Some parents are too cruel," one mum wrote.

"Its great because if they have another they can call it fghij then the next klmno and so forth," said another.

While many had not, in fact, heard of the "ghastly" and "ridiculous" name, one mum discovered that (gasp) it's actually a thing.

The name garnered attention after a story about a seven-year-old girl with autism, called Abcde Santos (pronounced, "ab-suh-dee,") hit US news in 2014.  Abcde of California was turned away by Santa Claus, after waiting in line, because he was scared of her service dog, a pit bull, CNN reported at the time.

Vocativ subsequently uncovered that there were 328 girls in the US with this unusual moniker. 328!


And while the first five letters of the alphabet seemed to reach their peak in 2009, with 32 babies called Abcde in that year alone, the name was also bestowed on 16 babies in 2013.

Baby name wizard even suggests a list of nicknames for the moniker, including "Seedy" - which might actually be worse than Abcde itself.

  • Ce-Ce
  • Sidy
  • Abby
  • Xyzzie
  • Aebi
  • Seedy

It's certainly up there with the controversial KVIIIlyn (Kaitlyn with the roman numeral for 8 replacing the 'ait') and the rejected PrinceofZion.

So there you have it.

And you thought Stormi was odd.