The most unusual baby names of 2011

Kdynce. Peniel. Brees. Mylz.

No, it’s not a Scrabble game gone horribly wrong; these are the names of a few babies born in the US last year.

The American Social Security names register of 2011 has just been released, also revealing a handful of baby Tomorrows, Swayzes, Psalms and Tequilas.

Tiger, meet Moo ... last year's crop of names in the US was more original than ever.
Tiger, meet Moo ... last year's crop of names in the US was more original than ever. 

While Jacob and Mason were the most popular boys’ names in 2011, and Sophia and Isabella reigned among the girls, there was seemingly no end to other parents' creativity.

There were adapted spellings of more traditional names (six boys named Benjerman) and words (five girls named Aunisty), the re-appropriation of other nouns (seven boys named Audi), animal sounds (five girls named Moo) and flat-out imaginative uses of the alphabet (six girls named Dearria, and seven named Eh).

While Jacob and Sophia were the most popular names in 2011, there was seemingly no end to the creativity of other parents

Here are some of the more unusual names for 2011, as found by KidCrave. (The M or F at the start of each line shows if the name was given to males or females, while the number in brackets is the number of babies that were given that name.) 

Law-makers and breakers
M: Capone (5), Corleone (6), Governor (5), Innocent (5), Juvenal (12), Law (6), Notorious (5)

Headed for greatness?
F: Princessa (5)
M: Kingdom (10), Kingsolomon (5), Princemichael (10), Princewilliam (5), Royalty (11), Sircharles (9), Supreme (10)

Positive thinking
F: Beautiful (7), Prosperity (5), Rejoice (5)
M: Brilliant (6), Comfort (5), Courage (7), Famous (7), Marvellous (6), Mystery (5), Treasure (6)


Animal house
F: Tiger (6)
M: Bronco (7), Cougar (6), Moo (5)

People and places
F: Graceland (7), Island (6), Jerzey (7),
M: Fenway (5), Mattingly (6), Prinston (5), Swayze (5), Tupac (5), Woody (7)

Timely reminders
F: Evening (5), Future (5), Tomorrow (6),

Boozy babies
F: Abeer (12), Chardonnay (9), Henessy (14), Tequila (5)
M: Patron (5)

Variations on a theme
F: Trulee (15), Truly (5); M: Trew (5)
F: Promiss (7), Promize (5), Promyse (17), Promyss (5)
F: Symphani (5), Symphanie (11), Symphany (19), Symphoni (9)
F: Aunisty (5), Honestii (5), Onesty (6)

And the head-scratchers …
F: Eh (7), Dearria (6), Peniel (5), Brees (5), Kdynce (5), Journy (5), Psalms (5)
M: Mylz (8), Godswill (7), Tron (7), Asser (6), Atta (5)

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