The 26 most popular names of geniuses

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"What's in a name?" you – or Shakespeare's Juliet – might ask. Well, according to genealogy site MooseRootsa high IQ.

Researchers gathered 14,750 names of notable philosophers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, inventors, artists, composers, Nobel laureates and MacArthur fellows and identified the most common first names among them.

The most common name for intelligent women was Mary, while the most popular male name was John.

In the hopes of having a child prodigy, it might be no harm in giving them a head start and naming them after a brilliant academic like Elizabeth Stern, Mary Leakey, Charles Darwin, John Dalton and William Faulkner, in the hopes they might climb the ranks that bit quicker.

Top 13 names for male geniuses

  1. John
  2. Robert
  3. William
  4. Charles
  5. David
  6. James
  7. Richard
  8. Johann
  9. George
  10. Paul
  11. Thomas
  12. Peter
  13. Joseph

Top 13 names for female geniuses

  1. Mary
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Maria
  4. Anne
  5. Margaret
  6. Susan
  7. Ruth
  8. Anna
  9. Alice
  10. Dorothy
  11. Jane
  12. Helen
  13. Charlotte

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