'Stunning upset' as unexpected boys' name hits number one on Nameberry

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It's been called a "stunning upset" by Nameberry in its big reveal of the 2017 most popular names on its world-famous baby name site. There's a brand new name in the number one spot for boys and you'd likely never guess what it is.

Its glorious ascent signals a significant shift in naming boys, where parents are increasingly embracing less traditional choices for their male offspring.

The new top name is Atticus and it's coming en force to nurseries and preschools everywhere. 

Even the expert naming stalwarts over at Nameberry were rocked by the revelation that this ancient and revered moniker – thanks mostly to Harper Lee's classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird – was the number one most popular boys' name among Nameberry users.

Nameberry says that, as has been the case with girls' names for some time, style is now the determiner behind the dramatic transformation of the boys' list.

From the look of the boys' top 10, parents-to-be are searching names with some serious cachet, whether literary (Atticus and Jasper), royal (Henry), political (Theodore), soft Biblical (Asher and Silas), or ancient (Milo was an ancient Greek wrestler). Cowboy charm even got a look in with Wyatt sliding into 10th placing.

Nameberry 2017 Top Ten Names for Boys

1. Atticus

2. Asher

3. Jack


4. Theodore

5. Jasper

6. Milo

7. Oliver

8. Silas

9. Henry

10. Wyatt

The girls' list looks a lot more conventional than the boys' list, mainly because six of the top main stayers of the past few years maintain their placings and feature on most top 10 lists in English-speaking countries. Those are Olivia, Amelia, Charlotte, Isla, Isabella and Ava.

The letter A proves once again to be the favourite first initial, with four of the girls' top 10 being A names, and two on the boys' list.

Perhaps the only big surprise of the female names is Maia, making her first appearance in the top 100. There's also Cora coming in at number two. Sweet and simple, she's less opulent than her more flowery counterparts, but a sure favourite for people who love names like Alice and Clara. 

Nameberry 2017 Top Ten Names for Girls

1. Olivia

2. Cora

3. Amelia

4. Charlotte

5. Isla

6. Isabella

7. Maia

8. Aurora

9. Amara

10. Ava

How does Nameberry come up with these lists? They describe the process as one which identifies potential future naming trends via the names people are searching.

"Nameberry's popular names list measures which names attract the largest share of our nearly 250 million page views, versus how many babies actually receive that name. It's a gauge of parents' interest in baby names and a predictor of which names will become more popular in the future."