Rock 'n' roll baby! Musical names for your baby

Are you looking for a rock 'n' roll baby name?
Are you looking for a rock 'n' roll baby name? Photo: Getty

Whether it's classical, heavy metal, jazz or pop, there is almost unlimited fodder when it comes to finding a great baby name from the music world.

We're looking to the rock 'n' roll genre to make a list of names parents can choose from, for that musical connection.



Adalita (founding member of of Magic Dirt)

Alice (Alice Cooper or Alice In Chains)

Aya (Aya Larkin of Skunkhour is male, but this could be used for both sexes)

Beth (Beth Ditto of The Gossip)

Brody (Brody Dalle from The Distillers)

Christina (Chrissie Amphlett from the Divinyls)


Christine (Christine Anu and Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders)

Courtney (Courtney Love)

Darcy (D'arcy Wretzky of The Smashing Pumpkins)

Demetra (L7 - can also be spelt Dimitra)

Donita (Donita Sparks of L7)

Ella (Ella Hooper of Killing Heidi)

Gwen (Gwen Stefani)

Imogen (Imogen Heap)

Joplin (Janis Joplin)

Juliana (Juliana Hatfield)

Juliette (Juliette Lewis)

Karen (Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Kat (Kat Bjelland from Babes In Toyland)

Kaia (Kaia Wilson)

Layla (song by Cream)

Lita (Lita Ford)

Liz (Liz Phair)

Meg (Meg White of The White Stripes)

Molly (song Good Golly Miss Molly by LIttle Richard)

Polly (PJ Harvey)

Ramona (The Ramones)

Santi (Santogold)

Sisely (SiselyTreasure)

Suzi (Suzi Quatro)

Stevie (Stevie Nicks)


Angus (Angus Young from ACDC)

Axl (Rose)


Costello (Elvis Costello)


Eddie (Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam)

Elton (Elton John)


Frank (Frank Zappa)

Freddie (Freddie Mercury)

Halen (Van Halen)

Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix)

Hudson (Slash from Guns 'n' Roses' surname)

Ike (Ike Turner)

Iggy (Iggy Pop)

Jagger (Mick Jagger)

Jebediah (Australian band)

Jethro (Jethro Tull)

Jett (Joan Jett)

Joey (Joey Ramone)

Johnny (the classic rock 'n' roll name for boys)

Jovi (Bon Jovi)

Kurt (Kurt Cobain)

Lars (Lars Ulrich)

Lennox (Annie Lennox)

Otis (Otis Redding)

Ozzy (Osbourne)

Rex (T.Rex)

Tex (Tex Perkins)

Van (Van Halen)

Vincent (Vince Neil from Motley Crue)

Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin)

Ziggy (Ziggy Stardust)