Pompous baby name announcements from England's elite

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock 

There are posh baby names, and then another stratosphere above them are the pompous baby names.

London broadsheet newspaper The Telegraph is famous for publishing the birth announcements from the very highest echelons of British society. The names often reflect the social standing of the proud families heralding the births of the next generation, with some so posh, they defy belief.

To give some context, Ottilie is as common as Olivia if the Telegraph birth announcements are anything to go by, nestling primly among little Algernon Arthur William - brother to Ophelia and Leonora - and Wilfreds, Wilburs, Cosimas and Aramintas galore.

A cursory glance at the online lists reveals earls, countesses and real life princes and princesses, publicly celebrating the births of their babies. Just recently there were babies born who were named Amadeus Dhillon James, Humphrey Cadmus Evelyn and Beaufort Ted.

There's more than a few people who look out for these astonishing monikers, publishing them on Twitter for all to gawk at. Sibling names are often published alongside, making even more of an impression on the more ordinary namers among us.

The Poke set about scanning Twitter recently for these baby name aficionados, and the names they have come across and deemed pompous enough to republish. This is what was uncovered.


Far from being critical of the name choices - aristocrats often go by a middle name or various nicknames - we just have to love that such adventurous naming exists in the world.

There was a time in the English-speaking world when most people were named James, William, Mary and Elizabeth, so give us variety, pomp and ceremony in baby naming where it's appropriate and we will applaud while we gawk and exclaim over them.