Parents share the baby names they would 'never use'


When people come to name their babies-to-be, there are inevitably a whole bunch of names they could never bring themselves to use, or are simply off-limits.

A thread on Mumsnet titled 'What would you never name a child and why' has elicited nearly 600 responses, and contains a variety of names from the outlandish to the mainstream, with people giving their reasons why they could never use them on a child.

Many cited staying clear of the top 20 or 40 names due to extreme popularity and not wanting to relegate their kid to being Oliver A. or Oliver B. 

Others wrote of their distaste for the 'ayden' names such as Hayden, Ayden, Brayden, while other were befuddled by the popularity of surnames as first names like "Parker, Carter, Jackson and Grayson."

Then there were people who hated cutesy names like Teddy and Lottie, Pepper and Pebbles, and those steering well clear of unique spelling.

Here are some more notable themes.

Less than wonderful meanings

Lots of perfectly lovely and commonly used names, have meanings that are undesirable. Here are a few of the replies along those lines.

"Cameron I think means hooked nose when it's translated literally. So wouldn't name a child that."

"Claudia because it means "one who is lame" in Latin."


"I love the name Portia but it derives from the Latin for pig. Still love it though."

No gender benders thanks

Many commenters said they disliked the trend of traditional boys names for girls.

"I dislike the trend of using obvious boys names for girls - so I wouldn't use Cameron for a girl."

"Can't stand traditionally male names for girls eg James. The parents tend to get arsey about people mistaking their girls for boys but - it's a boys name!"

It's official: teaching is the best way to ruin the most names

It's common knowledge that teachers have so many names ruined thanks to kids they've taught. This thread confirms it.

"No specific names...but having nursery, nurse and teaching assistant jobs you meet some not-so-lovely children I just couldn't name my child the same as."

"I'm a teacher. Many names were no-goes when we had ours, and some of the little darlings I taught ruined some names for me."

Culture clash

There are names that are lovely in the traditional homeland they originated in. And terrible elsewhere in the world.

"You think you have it bad? I'm Indian, in just my extended family we have a lot of weird 'p' names recently. Thankfully the kids were born in India so as long as they stay there they'll be okay!

1. Pervart

2. Pinshit

3. Pinky

4. Pinaskin"

"Grace, there are very few accents that say it gracefully."

Fusty, musty names

Those super old-fashioned names are out for many.

"Old fuddy duddy names like Earnest, Edith."

"Ivy, Nora, Edith, Ada, Elsie. Plain and bordering on frumpy and ugly."