Naming a baby after loss: names for your rainbow baby

Names for rainbow babies.
Names for rainbow babies. Photo: Catherine/Getty

A rainbow baby is a baby born after prior loss - whether it be by miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. While another baby is cause for rejoicing and gratitude, there is nothing that can make up for the loss of a baby (or babies).

Parents might wish to search for a name that captures their joy while honouring the the ones they can no longer hold in their arms, yet will forever hold firmly in their hearts.

Essential Baby forum members discussed some fitting baby names for a couple's rainbow baby, who was expected after eight losses. The original poster was looking for a highly meaningful name and members responded.

Here are the names they suggested, along with their meanings.

The themes cover love, faith, fortune and wonder and make gorgeous names for a much-longed for rainbow baby.


Allegra - joyful 

Amy - beloved

Angela - angelic

Angharad - much loved


Antonia - priceless one

Beatrix, Beatrice - bringer of joy

Brigette - strong

Carina - dear one

Celeste, Celia - heavenly

Dorothea - gift from God

Eliana - gift from God

Felicity - happiness

Grace - grace from God

Gwyneth - fortunate, blessed


Leticia - joy, gladness

Mirabei, Mirabel - wonderful, glorious

Mireille - God has spoken

Nadia - hopeful

Phoebe - bright, shining one

Priya - beloved

Raphaela - God has healed

Theodora - gift from God


Anthony - priceless one

Asher - blessed, happy

Benedict - blessing

Cadeau - gift

Felix - fortunate, happy

Gabriel - hero of God

Isidore - strong gift

Jonathan - God has favoured

Luca - bringer of light

Luke - light

Magnus - great

Matthias - God's gift

Maximillian - greatest, Maxim, Maximus

Nathaniel - God has given

Phoenix - rising bird

Raphael - God has healed

Salvatore - saviour

Samuel - God's word

Simon - God has heard

Theodore - gift

Zechariah - God has remembered