Mum seeks advice after sister 'steals' baby name - twice

"My sister stole my baby name - twice!"
"My sister stole my baby name - twice!"  Photo: Shutterstock

A mum has been left scratching her head after her sister "stole" her baby name - twice.

Taking to Mumsnet, the poster shared that she has two little boys: Hayden and Oliver. After Hayden's birth, her sister welcomed a daughter - who she also called Hayden.

"I didn't care too much as she was a girl and mine was a boy," she said, admitting that she felt it didn't matter "that much".

But the story only gets stranger.

Fast forward to today and her little boy, Oliver, is two months old. Dear Sis is currently in the third trimester of her second pregnancy - and is also expecting a boy.

And guess what Dear Sis plans to call him?


"Different middle names but still," the poster explained, before asking, "Am I being unreasonable to think this is a bit unfair?"

Unsurprisingly, the answer was a resounding uh ... nope, no you are not.

"Tell her to choose her own names and stop copying you," one woman responded.


"Is she some kind of sociopath?" 

"This sounds absolutely ridiculous."

In a further comment, the mum clarified that she and Dear Sis have a "pretty good relationship", which only makes the situation even odder.

"We get on and everything," she said. "She says I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant first and took her name. I had no idea if she was thinking of those names or not."

"But what do your parents think?" some Mumsnet users wanted to know. "Surely they have an opinion about having grandkids with matching names?"

"My mum thinks it's 'nice' but then my name is my aunt's..." she said. "My dad thinks it's a bit strange. Other family laugh, not sure what their honest opinions are. I'm actually a bit sad and I suppose that's why I said I don't think it's fair."

And while she admitted that her husband told her she should just "chill", she said she's finding it a tad hard to.

Among the outrage, however, there was some discussion of the politics of baby name theft.

"Hold on", a few brave Mumsnet users said.  "I mean, technically, nobody "owns" a name right?"

Wrong, the people said. Wrong.

"Copying one name is grounds for 'nobody owns a name' and something you just have to put up with," a Mumsnetter argued. "It could be that you really did take the one name she loved above all others and she thought sod it I'm using it anyway. Copying both children's names is just bizarre. There's thousands of lovely names out there."

For another woman, desperate times simply call for desperate measures.

"I think, in your shoes, I would change my children's names, frankly. Either call them by their second names or by deed poll. But I'm uptight like that," she said.

For others, well, they felt sorry for the kids - first cousins, with the same names. 

"Poor Hayden the Sequel and Oliver the Sequel," said one mama. "They will find it strange once they're old enough."

In conclusion, the consensus was clear: while they say imitation is the sincerest form of flatter, it probably doesn't extend to your siblings' baby names.