Mum asks: 'Is my friend's baby name too weird?'

Did this mum go too far with her choice of name?
Did this mum go too far with her choice of name? Photo: Shutterstock

A mum who discovered her "friend's" baby name via a good old-fashioned Face-Stalk, has taken to the forum Mumsnet to - shall we say - critique her mate's choice.

"I was being nosy on FB earlier and saw someone I went to school with," the woman wrote. "She's had a baby boy and called him 'Chip' it's definitely not short for anything, I saw the birth announcement. That's his proper name."

The mum admitted that while she's "all for variety" and "different names", she feels "Chip" might be going too far.  

"Or am I just boring?" she said.

The choice of moniker certainly proved polarising, with some mamas all for it, and others not quite as sold.

"I love it and would have had it but it was a big fat NO WAY from husband,' said one woman.

"It's certainly not the most unusual name I've heard!" added another. "I know an Ocean, a Blaze, an Indigo and a Phoenix."

Others noted that Chip is generally a nickname - but not just for Charles and Christopher.

"Isn't Chip usually a nickname for a child who has the same name as their father," said one mum. "As in a 'Chip off the old block', or 'Junior'?"

"Only ever heard it as a nickname," said another. "His surname was Monk."


Some mums agreed it simply wasn't their cup of tea - they're probably not Beauty and the Beast fans, either.

"The poor child, what an awful name to go through life with," said one mother.

"I've never heard of anybody being called Chip. It's a ridiculous name. Totally batty. It sounds horrible too even as a nickname."

Others felt it was more suitable for a four-legged baby, rather than a human one.

"It's a cute name but seems more appropriate for a dog," said one commenter.

But among the supporters and haters came a voice of reason.

"At the end of the day who cares really," this sensible mama said. "Call the child a fried potato if you want. Some people get over invested in other people's choices. None of our business really is it?"

Amen to that.