Mum asks for 'badass girl name' suggestions, gets them in droves


Many parents expecting a baby girl seek out strong, distinguished names associated with some of history's most powerful women. As if to bolster baby's position in the world from birth, name lists are created with heroines, past and present, in mind.

One mum-to-be has taken to the Mumsnet forums asking for suggestions for 'badass girl names.'

She begins the thread by outlining her love of names with established stories and characters attached to them.

"DS is named after old English kings and sci fi characters - he has 2 middle names and all 3 names are kings and sci fi characters."

She then explains that, now they are expecting a daughter, they want a strong, feminist name for her.

"We are now expecting DD, and after a conversation today, want to name her after badass feminist women (DHs suggestion)."

By anyone's standards, they've already come up with a brilliant name, but they're now reaching further afield to see what else they could consider.

"We've come up with Ada Florence Marie but wondered if anyone has any other suggestions? Not Emmeline as bfs daughter is called that."

It's a task the baby name buffs on Mumsnet took to in earnest, combining forces to come up with a cracker baby girl names list inspired by great heroines, both real and fictional.


Take a look -

Badass baby girl names

Amelia (Earhart)

Aphra (Behn)

Araminta (original name of Harriet Tubman)

Arya (Stark)


Christabel (Pankhurst)

Constance (Lytton - kick-ass suffragette) 

Diana (Roman name of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt)

Dorothea (character from Middlemarch)

Dorothy (Lawrence - journalist on the frontline in WW1 posing as a man)

Eleanor (Roosevelt - the original badass)

Flora (Sandes - WWI heroine)

Frieda (Kahlo)

Harriet (Tubman)


Josephine (Baker)

Juliana (of Norwich, aka Julian of Norwich; medieval badass, patroness of cats)

Lyra (from Pullman's Dark Materials)

Maeve (queen of Irish saga; very badass)

Malala (Youseffi)

Maya (Angelou)

Nancy (Wake, Astor)

Norma (Jean)

Octavia (E. Butler)

Rey (Star Wars)

Ripley (or Ellen if you want to be more subtle)

Rosa (Parkes)

Rosalind (Franklin-scientist)

Ruth (Bader Ginsburg)

Simone (de Beauvoir)

Sojourner (Truth)

Sylvia (Pankhurst but also Plath)

Theodora (Empress of the Byzantine Empire)

Toni (Morrison)

Trinity (Matrix)

Valentina (after the first woman in space)

Victoria (queen)