Look to the stars for baby name inspiration

 Photo: Getty Images

Some of the most beautiful words come from space, the stars and the constellations, and many are gorgeous names you can consider for your baby.

Why not consider these star-related names for your bub ... 


Amalthea - moon of Jupiter

Andromeda - constellation

Ariel - moon of Uranus

Astrid - Swedish microsatellite

Aurora - Roman goddess of the sunrise

Belinda - moon of Uranus

Bellatrix - star in Orion


Bianca - moon of Uranus

Bronwen/Bronwyn - dark, pure

Carina - constellation

Celeste - from celestial, meaning heavenly

Ceres - dwarf planet

Clair/ Claire / Clara / Claressa/ Clarice / Claribel  - clear, bright

Cordelia - moon of Uranus

Cressida - moon of Uranus


Despina - inner satellite of Neptune

Elara - moon of Jupiter

Electra/ Elektra - the Fiery Sun

Esther - star

Fay - stars

Galatea - satellite of Neptune

Halley - comet

Heaven / Heavenly

Helene - moon of Saturn

Iliana - bright

Juliet - moon of Uranus

Kalea/ Kaleah - bright, clear 

Kailani - Hawaiian for sea and sky

Lainey - bright light

Larissa - moon of Neptune

Leda - moon of Jupiter

Luna - Latin for moon

Lyra - constellation

Maia - blue star in Taurus

Mai - brightness

Melina - bright yellow

Miranda - moon of Uranus

Norma - constellation

Nova - nuclear explosion in a white dwarf star

Ophelia - moon of Uranus

Pandora - moon of Saturn

Phoebe / Phebe / Phedra - bright, shining one, moon of Saturn

Portia - moon of Uranus

Rhea - moon of Saturn

Rosalind - moon of Uranus

Seren - meaning star

Stella / Estella 

Star / Starr

Starla - bright star

Titania - moon of Uranus

Vega - one of the brightest stars

Venus - brightest object in the night sky after the moon, Roman goddess of beauty


Altair - bright star

Apollo - Greek god of the sun - famous NASA space programme

Arche - moon orbiting Jupiter

Atlas - a moon of Saturn

Black - dark

Caelum - constellation of stars in the southern hemisphere

Castor - a star in the constellation of Gemini


Cosmo  - from cosmos, meaning the whole universe

Draco - constellation

Eos - belt of asteroids

Halo - Galactic Halo

Hercules - constellation

Hugh - Bright in mind and spirited

Janus - one of Saturns moons

Kale - moon orbiting Jupiter

Leo - zodiac constellation

Lucien - Bright light

Mars - the red planet

Mercury - 8th planet

Neptune - large planet

Nysa - group of asteroids

Orion - well known constellation

Perseus - constellation

Phoenix - constellation

Pluto - dwarf planet

Rigel - brightest star of Orion


Samson - bright as the sun

Sulwyn - bright as the sun

Sunni - bright disposition

Tariq / Tyreeque - bright one, morning star

Themis - asteroid family

Thule - asteroid

Triton - moon orbiting Neptune

Vulcan - disproved planet

Wolf - constellation in the southern sky

Zahi / Zahir - Shining bright

Ziv - very bright

Zavier - bright, splendid


Aries - zodiac constellation

Astro / Astra 

Darcy / Darcel / Darcey / Darchellle / Darci - Dark

Dione - moon of Saturn

Europa - moon of Jupiter


Gemini - zodiac constellation

Jupiter - Planet 


Oberon - moon of Uranus

Polaris - bright star above North Pole

Sol - latin name for sun

Sirius - brightest star in the sky


Zeke - shooting star in Arabic