Libra baby names: astrology baby name inspiration

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If you are expecting a baby between September 23 and October 22, your child's star sign is Libra. Librans strive for balance and harmony, so it's no accident that this star sign is represented by the only non-living symbol of the zodiac, a set of scales.

Librans are the great romantics of the zodiac, seeking out close bonds and thriving from partnerships of all kinds. They often find it difficult to be alone and love to be the centre of attention though they use their allure wisely, with kindness and fairness at the heart of interactions. They also have the skills of a diplomat, their ability to see all sides of a situation and maintain peace under pressure one of their key attributes.

Your baby Libran will attach closely to their primary caregiver and cry if they sense disharmony in the household. As children they will form a close knit smaller group of friends despite a wider popularity among their school cohort.

They are wonderful, generous friends, though selective about who they get very close to. They are also masterful at smoothing over tensions and organising others, and can often be found setting up teams and communicating game rules to willing and attentive followers.

Libra is an air sign along with Gemini and Aquarius, representing the ages of 42-49 and the maturity of mid-life. With their fully developed personalities, it is a primary purpose in life to be part of a duo. This star sign is ruled by Venus, making them romantic, considerate partners who idealise their loved one. 

Libras are a true delight. You'll always have a kind, loyal companion who is a great conversationalist and who is the absolute life of the party. So what should you name your little Libran? We've put together a list of great options taken from the attributes, gems, flowers and planet of this star sign.


Adela - noble and serene

Adelaide - noble, kind

Aiko - little loved one


Amy - beloved

Anthea - flower-like

Anya - from the name Anna which means 'gracious'

Atalanta - meaning "equal in weight"

Carys - to love

Concordia - Roman goddess of harmony and peace

Cosima - harmony

Dakota - friend

Edith - happy

Estelle - star

Freda - peaceful

Freya - Norse goddess of love, fertility and beauty



Indigo - Libra colour

Ingrid - beautiful

Kerensa - means 'love' in Cornish

Letitia - happy, joyous

Mabel - beautiful one

Mirabelle - of wondrous beauty

Naomi - delightful, pleasant

Olivia - peace, of the olive tree

Opal - birthstone of October

Paloma - dove

Rose - Libra flower

Sapphire - September birthstone

Serena - calm

Stella - star

Valentina - love

Venus - Libra planet, goddess of love

Winifred - friend of peace


Albert - noble, bright

Alexander - protector of mankind

Alfred - counsellor

Carey - pure

Cato - good judgement

Coleman - dove

Conrad - wise counsellor

Corwan - friend of the heart

Curtis - courteous

Darwin - dear friend

Denton - happy home

Edwin - prosperous friend

Felix - happy and prosperous

Frederick - peaceful ruler

Florian - flowering

Gareth - gentle

Jonah - dove

Manfred - man of peace

Miles - gracious soldier

Oliver - peace, olive tree

Oswin - God's friend

Patrick - nobleman

Romeo - of the Romans, associated with love

Selwyn - good friend

Stirling - of high quality, pure

Talbot - wise dreamer

Theodoric - people's ruler

Valentine - love

Famous Librans

Serena Williams

​Kate Winslet

​Kim Kardashian

​Lena Headey

Sigourney Weaver

Gwyneth Paltrow

Hilary Duff

Susan Sarandon

​Gwen Stefani

Ryan Reynolds


Sacha Baron Cohen

Bruno Mars

Matt Damon

Zac Efron

Hugh Jackman

Snoop Dogg