Kids naming their baby siblings

Children naming sibs
Children naming sibs Photo: Getty Images

When I fell pregnant with my second child, my then 2 year old was certain he was getting a brother named Thomas Train or a sister called Jemima Dolly. When I fell pregnant with my third, he was certain it would be Tabby - after a neighbourhood cat - or Chewbacca, which really needs no explanation.

While Chewy was never legitimately on the table, it was actually our second child, then aged five, who brought baby's name to the front of our minds again. You would think it would be impossible to name a third boy but really, son number two made it easy for us.

I showed him an old list I made from my first pregnancy, he pointed out the name Jonty* and began calling baby that more than 20 weeks before he was born. While my husband and I continued to joust over various names we both agreed that the only name we both liked for an actual baby of ours, was Jonty.

We think we hit the jackpot thanks to our son's input. Did your child get to choose a name for baby, or did they give you an idea that took hold?

*name changed