It's official: Australia's top baby names of the year revealed


All states and territories have submitted their final tallies of names for babies born in 2017 and one thing is clear - the nation's new parents are favouring tried and tested monikers for their sons and daughters.

Figures revealed for the first time today show the top boys' and girls' names across Australia for the past four to five years are still our favourites.

Social researchers at McCrindle have yet again done all the hard work, crunching the numbers to name Charlotte the top girl name of 2017 - her third year in a row - and Oliver the top boy name, for the fourth year running.

There were 2,063 boys named Oliver and 1,687 girls named Charlotte In Australia last year. Charlotte reigned supreme in every state except WA, with William the top name in all states bar NT.

So what does the Aussie top ten look like? As always, the number ten spot is the hot seat to watch for up and coming names of the next decade. And as always the rest of the top ten for each sex remains fairly static.


It's a big welcome to Mason and Harper, both complete newcomers to the national top 10. Mason sat just outside at number 11 last year, so he has been a rising star for a while. Harper ranked 15 in the 2016 results.

Other than those two, it's business as usual, with the top six names for boys all in the same positions as last year.

2016's hero Henry climbed another two spots to rank 8. Lachlan dipped out after maintaining a top 10 position for six of the last 8 years. It's also the first time Emily has missed out on a top 10 spot this decade.


Who's in and who's out of the top 100

McCrindle reports that there are seven new boys' and five new girls' names in the top 100. Arthur came in at 83, Bodhi at 93, Jude 94, Asher at 97, Leon at 100 and Aaron at 98, though we suspect Aaron has seen this territory before.

Evicted from the top 100 are Chase, Nathan, Christian, John, Lewis, Maxwell, Marcus and Hayden.

For girls, Freya made the top 100 at 66, Luna at 83, Harlow 85th position, Elena at 94 and Millie 96. The top 100 said goodbye to Paige, Alyssa, Hayley, Thea and Molly.

We're mad for botanicals

But only for girls.

We've got Ivy at 18, Lily 19, Willow at 20, Violet at 37, Poppy 43, Jasmine 51, Rose 69, Daisy at 72 and Olive at 100th position.

The great gender divide in sounds

Australians like to name their baby girls using softer sounds, with 17 of the top 20 names ending in a vowel or a 'y.' Harper, Evelyn and Willow are the exceptions. Beginning in a vowel for girls, are 10 of the top 20 names.

Boys tend to have names starting with consonants, with only 3 names in the top 20 starting with a vowel (Oliver, Ethan, Alexander). Just four out of 20 names end in a vowel These are Henry, Charlie, Leo and Levi.

Royal fever

We love the next generation of royals, who have invigorated a family once seen as outmoded and too ultraconservative. While they've smashed some rules out of the stadium, they stick with traditional names, and we love them too.

Well-represented in the top 100, are the names of the most recent or famous of royals: George 35, Charlotte 1, Louis 73, Henry 8, William 2, Edward 51, Charles 75, Elizabeth 52, Zara 39 and Victoria 92.

McCrindle notes that it will be interesting to see if Meghan/Megan sees a spike in popularity next year.

Celebrity Babies

The celebrities we know and love have a big effect on how Australian's name their babies. Names that were once off the radar, are suddenly on the tip of people's tongues when used by a much-liked celebrity, acquiring fresh glamour and cachet.

Here are the ones McCrindle picked as the most notable risers from celebrity land.

Harper, 10  (Beckham)

Luna , 83 (Chrissy Teigen & John Legend's daughter)

Penelope, 48 (daughter of Kourtney Kardashian)

Evie, 13 (daughter of Carrie Bickmore)

Billie, 57 (daughter of Rebecca and Chris Judd)

Hunter, 16 (sons of both Roxy Jacenko and Colette Dinnigan)

Willow, 20 (Daughters of both Pink and Will Smith)

1 Charlotte Oliver
2 Olivia William
3 Ava Jack
4 Amelia Noah
5 Mia Thomas
6 Isla James
7 Grace Lucas
8 Ella Henry
9 Chloe Ethan
10 Harper Mason
11 Zoe Charlie
12 Sophie Leo
13 Evie Harrison
14 Evelyn Liam
15 Isabella Alexander
16 Ruby Hunter
17 Emily Lachlan
18 Ivy Samuel
19 Lily Hudson
20 Willow Levi
21 Matilda Harry
22 Lucy Max
23 Sophia Oscar
24 Aria Harvey
25 Georgia Elijah
26 Sienna Xavier
27 Scarlett Isaac
28 Hannah Cooper
29 Emma Logan
30 Zara Jacob
31 Abigail Benjamin
32 Isabelle Joshua
33 Audrey Archie
34 Layla Archer
35 Mila George
36 Eva Ryan
37 Violet Sebastian
38 Alice Theodore
39 Hazel Lincoln
40 Piper Arlo
41 Ellie Jackson
42 Mackenzie Eli
43 Poppy Finn
44 Annabelle Riley
45 Sofia Patrick
46 Maya Daniel
47 Savannah Hugo
48 Penelope Connor
49 Frankie Jaxon
50 Maddison Luca