Is this the best-named sibset in Australia?

It's all a matter of what you like, but I think the six Dunstan kids have the best set of names I've heard.
It's all a matter of what you like, but I think the six Dunstan kids have the best set of names I've heard. Photo: Chloe Dunstan/Chloeandbeans on Instagram

Ah, baby names. Has there ever been such an issue of contention for so many, when baking their very own little buns in the oven?

It can cause untold amounts of grief - you might discover that the name you've had picked out your entire life is the same name everyone else has chosen for their babies in the last five years.

You might suffer the indignity of divulging THE name to a close friend, only to have them steal it when they got pregnant first, or have their own little Marmaduke just weeks after you have your baby girl. The grief and the agony for many of us is real, folks.

Try naming three babies of the same sex. The pressure is intense because of the Sibset X-Factor - it's like finding a needle in a haystack; that seemingly elusive name that will perfectly complement your existing childrens' names. Each name builds on the last, creating a collective star power (you can tell I've thought about this a lot).


I can haz triplets please? Photo: Chloe Dunstan/chloeandbeans/Instagram

With naming siblings, there's a name style to uphold; you don't want the next kid's name to stick out like a sore thumb next to his siblings' names, nor do you want to be so predictable people yawn when they hear it for the first time. 

Yeah well, I've got nothing on these folks. They not only named six children, but they named five boys and, in my esteem, did it so perfectly that I think of them as the most well-named sibset in Australia.



Cute custom wall hooks by Love Letters by Tillie Photo: Chloe Dunstan/chloeandbeans/Instagram

They are: Evan (3), Otto (2), Felix (1), and 8-month-old triplets Henry, Rufus and Pearl, born prematurely at 28 weeks on July 3, 2015.

Now I'm no self-proclaimed regent of baby-naming, and it really is a matter of what you like, but I think many will agree that Chloe Dunstan and her partner Rohan nailed the baby naming thing.

"When naming my babies I just wanted names I really loved; names that were simple. I love older-style names with a modern quirky vibe," Chloe says. 

Me too, Chloe, me too. But I guess this is the time I should out myself as having a Felix of my own, so I was primed to love the Dunstan kids' names.

What's the sibset secret?

So why exactly do these names work so well together? The names very much align with some golden rules of naming siblings, so let's break it down:

  • No duplicate first initials - not such a bad thing with two kids, but with six? 
  • All of the names end in a different sound and none of them rhyme
  • Consistent style - each name upholds a slightly left-of-usual traditional feel
  • Not themed (eg. place names, flowers)

Chloe says she had her own rules in place when selecting the names - they had to be two syllables and five letters or less - "so they flowed together nicely."

What would they name a hypothetical baby number seven? Chloe thinks Daisy or Ned.

She could make a living helping people name their babies, that's for sure.

Do you know a sibset named so brilliantly that you swoon every time you hear their names?

Ok, sure you probably think I wrote this for the adorable pics of this clan, and you may be half right, so here's another.

Be sure to check out the Dunstan kids' beautiful antics over at chloeandbubs on Instagram.


Photo: Chloe Dunstan/chloeandbeans/Instagram