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Pregnant and looking for a name for your baby, or just interested in the latest naming fashions? You might like to check out our predictions for the baby naming trends of 2014.  

Baby's so hip

By definition, hipsters shun the mainstream and embrace their individuality - but that won't stop baby names that are considered to be hipster continuing their rise up the ranks this year. Hipster names are artsy, super trendy and and guaranteed to score your baby a place in the cool crowd at playgroup.

Hipster names for boys include Arlo, Atticus, August, Bryon, Dashiell, Declan, Gus, Hudson, Jasper, Orson and Otis. Some hip names for baby girls are Alice, Anais, Clementine, Daisy, Edie, Lola, Luna, Stella, Tessa, and Piper.

Oh boy, it's a girl

Giving baby girls a name that is usually reserved for boys is not a totally new phenomenon - just look at Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore. But this is a trend celebrity parents have been particularly fond of recently - Jessica Simpson named her baby girl Maxwell, Jennifer Love Hewitt's daughter has the middle name James, Johnny Knoxville's baby girl is named Arlo, and actress Elisabeth Shue gave her little girl Charles for a middle name - so we can expect to see more of it across the board.

Names like Riley, Hunter, Corey and Dylan could be possibilities for pink bundles of joy.

The rise of the spice girls

Gone are the days when flowers and trees were the main baby name inspirations growing in the garden; now the humble herb patch is getting more of a look in when it comes to naming little Saffron, Poppy or Juniper.


Other spicy scents which might emanate from the local maternity ward this year include Bay, Anise and Lavender.

Be good boys

Parents have long named their daughters Hope, Grace and Faith and crossed their fingers the little girls would grow up to represent their moniker, and now it's the boys turn to be virtuous from birth. Names like Righteous, Ernest, Justice and Valour are among those predicted to take off in 2014. 

Grandma's little girl

Traditional, old-fashioned names like Ruby and Anna have ranked among the most popular girls names for many years, but these days parents are getting a bit more adventurous when drawing on previous generations to give their daughter a name with sentimental family meaning. Hence the emergence of names like Ivy, Joy, Edith, Dorothy and Sylvia, much to Grandma's delight.

The Pope's little people

Pope Francis is known as 'the People's Pope', and his recent statement declaring mothers should feel comfortable to freely breastfeed in church - and his decision to baptise a baby whose parents aren't formally unmarried - no doubt further endeared him to parents-to-be.

Baby name gurus expect to see devoted Catholics naming their boys Francis or Frank, and their girls Frances or Frankie, in honour of the popular pontiff - a trend that may spread through those of other religions, too.

Why oh Y ...

According to research by US website Name Candy, the first babies to arrive in American maternity hospitals this year were given names with an abundance of Ys.

Among the babies to be born across the USA in the early hours of January 1 were Layla, Rylee, Naythyn, Adilyn, Maya and two Brooklyn's.

Everyone knows that where the US goes, Australia tends to follow - so feel free to include a Y in your 2014 baby's name and consider yourself on trend.

Game of Thrones babies

Pop culture always has and always will be an influencer of popular baby names, and the latest fantasy hit Game of Thrones is no exception.

When UK authorities released a list of names parents had recently given their children there babies named Tyrion, Khaleesi, Theon, Sansa and Catelyn, and Bran. See our gallery of other pop culture-inspired names to find out what movies, books and TV shows parents were thinking about in 2013. 

Creative or confusing?

Love them or loath them, phonetically traditional names with unusual spellings will continue to confuse preschool teachers for years to come. Lots of parents like to twist the spelling of otherwise well known names as a way to get creative and help their child stand out from the crowd, while still giving their bundle of joy a traditional-sounding name.

Prime examples are names like Jaxson, Emmalee, Kaytlyn, Ashly, Jayson, Daysey, Izabell and Nathyn.

Royal tick of approval

There's nothing like a royal birth to focus attention back on the monarchy, and thanks to the arrival of Zara Phillips's baby girl, in the past 12 months there have been two!

While not every baby boy born over the next 12 months will be named George after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's offspring, the arrival of the future King will likely renew interest in names like Charles, William, Harry, Alexander and Louis. Little princesses meanwhile might be named Elizabeth, Anne, Catherine or Victoria - or could swing towards Zara Phillips's more modern style of Mia Grace. 

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