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Essential Baby blogger Amity Dry
Essential Baby blogger Amity Dry 

So, with 13 weeks left to go till my baby arrives I am spending a fair bit of time thinking about what to name it. Did I say a fair bit of time? I mean a LOT of time! After all, the name you give your child has a huge impact on how he or she is perceived by others, so I don’t want to get it wrong. As with other things it would make it a lot easier if I knew what sex I was having, but we have chosen not to find out so I need to have a boy and a girls name I love equally. But so far that’s proving to be harder than you’d think.

I, like many girls, had my future baby names chosen at about ten years old. For a girl I was going to have an Isabella or an Ella until, much to my heartbreak, those two names became the most popular girls names in the country. I still think they are beautiful names, but with a name like Amity myself I wanted to choose a name that was slightly unique.

Both myself, and my sister Tristelle, were given unusual names, but not because our parents are creative hippie types. The reason my mum choose different names is because when she was pregnant my dad was a school teacher and every name she suggested conjured up images of a student he had taught, therefore reminding him of their personality type. We all know how certain names do that for us, based on public identities or people we have known in the past.

So for this reason my mum had to find a name my dad had never heard before and she chose Amity, which is Latin for friendship. She didn’t tell anyone her choice until I was born and remembers hearing a lot of “Mmm, unusual,” particularly from my older relatives!

I had a love hate relationship with my name throughout my childhood and often wished I had a more ‘normal’ name. However, as an adult I love that I have a different name and am thankful to my mum for choosing it.

It has to be a little different, but not weird. It has to make my child stand out from the pack a bit, but not so much that it would entice ridicule.

So, for those reasons, I always knew I would give my children a name that wasn’t on the most popular list, a name that they could create their own personality type for. However, finding that ‘perfect’ name is easier said than done.

It has to be a little different, but not weird. It has to make my child stand out from the pack a bit, but not so much that it would entice ridicule (I wonder how Moon Unit Zappa fared at school?) It has to be feminine for a girl and masculine for a boy. It has to suit a baby, a child and an adult. It has to have initials that don’t spell anything weird and it has to sound right with our surname.

Plus, it has to suit any profession my child may want to pursue, from a musician to a lawyer and it has to sound right with both Dr and Prime Minister before it! And, finally, I have to like the nickname for it, because us Aussies will give anything a nickname.

But while searching through the web for ideas I’m often amazed how honest, or should I say harsh, some people are about commenting on others name choices. Go on any baby name forum and there will be at least one person who will tell you your name choice sucks and accuse you of potentially ruining your child’s life for bestowing it on them. This is probably why many people keep there names a secret until the baby is born, because they hope those who don’t like their choice will be more polite and keep their opinions to themselves once it’s a done deal. Some people have no manners though and will make a comment anyway!


Either way, unless you pick an extremely classic and timeless name there will always be people who don’t like it, but that’s ok with me. As long as I like it, my husband likes it and our child (hopefully) likes it, that’s what counts.

Speaking of my husband, all of this would be helped along if he showed the slightest bit of interest or assistance in this dilemma. But alas, he either hates everything I suggest or doesn’t actually listen to me long enough to hear the suggestion. So I have told him that whatever I end up choosing he will have to get used to it, because that’s what it will be. If he suffered through a dodgy pelvis, sore back, giant boobs and massive belly for nine months and then pushed a baby out of him, well I’ll let him choose the name!

So, any suggestions on names will be gratefully received….and please be nice when commenting on other peoples choices, remember if we were all the same it would be a very boring world!

How did you come up with your baby’s name? Did you receive negative comments about it and did that bother you? Did you and your partner agree on the names you liked? Do you love or hate your name? And do you think names hold stereotypes? I’d love to hear your stories...