Gemini baby names: astrology baby name inspiration


Get ready, get set! Expecting a little Gemini? Expect to be kept on your toes in a whole host of ways. Born between May 21 and June 20, your Gemini child will be super-intelligent and dynamic, with a talent for information absorption, and hitting milestones early as a result.

You'll be a parent constantly on the go with your inquisitive Gemini embarking on exploratory quests, but the good news about this is that even early in life they will love to travel, savouring every environment they encounter.

There's a good reason the Gemini symbol is a set of twins. They are truly dual personalities, loving seemingly polar opposite things and taking unexpected about-turns. The Gemini is so driven by the two equal parts of their psyches that they can take one stance on one day, then the next they take the opposite. You'll never know quite where they'll turn next. Decision-making is also incredibly difficult for the Gemini so you'll often find yourself providing guidance here.

With Gemini an air sign that represents the ages of 14 to 21, it's little wonder that they're so receptive to new ideas and change their minds on a hairpin. The Gemini reflects the intensity of this era of life, when the mind becomes more able to process sophisticated concepts and is excited by this newfound ability. That's why you'll find them jumping enthusiastically from one thing to the next.

They are sociable and harbour insatiable curiosity not only about the world around them, but also the people in their lives. While they don't naturally take on leadership roles with friends or in their schools and workplaces, they can be found happily traversing a large variety of social groupings.

They are agile not only with people, but also in life as a whole, though their superior intellect can work against them in matters of love and loyalty. Even the gregarious Gemini has their own insecurities around love being a conditional state. This belief can make them try too hard with people they should just drop, or cause them to become cynical.

Always show your Gemini that your love is unconditional and treat them with the greatest of care in this respect. While they are resilient in other areas that other star signs have difficulty with, your Gemini will struggle with feeling worthy. If they are shown early that your love isn't dependent on external things such as grades or being a stickler for the rules, then this should minimise this deep-seated fear.

You have been blessed with one of the most adaptable of the star signs, and you'll have the freedom to take your little Gemini anywhere and everywhere. They make witty companions who will keep you laughing, but a warning to you parents-to-be of Geminis... conserve your energy, because you'll need it to keep up with these dynamic youngsters.

Here's a host of lovely baby names for your Gemini baby.



Beatrix - bringer of joy

Emerald - May birthstone

Gabrielle - hero of God

Iris - rainbow, colourful

Jemima - dove

Juno - youthful, also Greek goddess of marriage and childbirth

Keeley - lively

Kineta - full of energy

Lily - Lily of the Valley is the May birth flower

Pearl - June birthstone

Sage - prophet

Sophie - wisdom

Tameka - twin

Thomasina - twin

Vivian - full of life

Vivienne - life

Zoe - life


Aldric - wise

Andric - brave

Callum - dove (travel, freedom)

Casey - brave

Cassidy - clever

Channing - wise

Clark  - clergyman

Cohen - brave

Conrad - bold, wise counsellor

Dexter - flexible

Felix - happy and prosperous

Hugo - from Hugh which means 'heart, mind, spirit'

Jonas - accomplishing

Junius - youthful

Kato - means 'second twin'

Peregrine - wanderer

Raphael - God has healed

Tate - he who brings happiness

Thomas - twin


​Marilyn Monroe

Angeline Jolie

Iggy Azalea

Nicole Kidman

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

North West

Kanye West

Donald Trump

Tupac Shakur

Troye Sivan

​Mr. T

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Kendrick Lamar