Everyone has baby names they don't like, or just 'don't get'


We all have them - baby names which, inexplicably, we just don't like. 

Names attached to people from our past we didn't have good times with, and names with sounds that grate and annoy. Or in some cases, there could be a deep-seated reason we're not aware of causing our aversion.  

The topic of names people 'dislike [or] don't get' has been raised on the baby names forum at Mumsnet, with people chiming in about names they really don't care for. 

The thread starter begins with, "There are some names like Connie and Matilda... Popular ones that I hate and just don't get. Any names that are popular you just don't get?!"

Seeing as the thread already has 267 replies, it seems the topic has struck a chord.

It seems we're not alone in having seemingly irrational reasons for disliking certain names. Take a gander at some of the responses:

"All boys names beginning with K. Megan.....I find it really harsh."

"I don't like hyphenated names. Elsie May Smith - lovely - Elsie-May Smith - why?"

"Am not a fan of some American names like Jackson/Jaxon/Grayson...just why?"


This person has some very strong opinions about certain names.

"I also hate Matilda, it's such an ugly clunky name. I also hate the name Ruth, it really makes my teeth itch. Sorry to any Ruth's out there! I also dislike the names Hazel and Aileen/Eileen. I've never met a nice one yet."

The following responder - whose middle name is Ruth - agrees.

"My middle name is Ruth and it's the worst possible name you could give a girl ....my mum said it was her hormones at the time. Named after a family member she hates!"

This person really doesn't like the name Ian.

"Ian. It is just a noise."

Nickname names get these two offside.

"Cutesy names like Alfie, Archie, Poppy, Daisy, Teddie. I much prefer elegant beautiful names!"

"I don't like Millie, Molly or Maisie, especially when they're not a shortening of anything. I just find them very 'wet' sounding."

This person pretty much dislikes anything in the top ten it seems.

"Wallpaper names like Olivia, Isabelle, Emma, just generic and forgettable."

And this person won't take their baby naming cues from royalty.

"George. It's such a fleshy, bovine kind of name."

A lot of 90s names are mentioned too. Names like Laura and Stephanie, as well as "Any name that tells you what decade they were born."

And many wouldn't go near a surname name ending in 'son'.

"I'm not a fan of surnames as names - Cooper, Mason, Grayson, Jackson. Jackson in particular - why would you call your child "Jack's son" (unless their dad was Jack I guess...).

Lastly, posh names are off limits to this commenter.

"Anything overtly posh - Spencer, Hugo, Joleon, Tarquin, Clarissa, Xanthe... I find them so OTT and the associations so unpleasant that I assume they must have been meant ironically, which is not a naming practice I endorse!"

While our reasons will differ, we all have names we just can't stand. The thread is worth a read if you're about to name a baby, or just curious to see if the same names that annoy you, also irritate others.