Drew: 'Why we named our baby Olive'

Drew Barrymore and Ellen Degeneres on the set of <i>Ellen</i>.
Drew Barrymore and Ellen Degeneres on the set of Ellen

Drew Barrymore has spoken publicly about her 10-week-old daughter, Olive, and has shared how she and husband Will Kopelmen settled on the baby’s name.

Appearing on Ellen Degeneres’s talk show yesterday, Barrymore said the couple knew the baby’s gender before the birth, which made it easier for the couple to choose a name together.  

“I never would have guessed that would have been the name,” the 37-year-old told Degeneres. “But I was reading a book with my husband, and I was three months pregnant. They said your baby is the size of an olive and that was it - we never looked back.”

In response, the TV host joked that if they’d looked a few weeks earlier “it could have been the size of a peanut or a grapefruit” or even “a kidney bean.”

“It could have been. It was a lot of fruits and vegetables,” Barrymore replied. “Kidney’s not such a fun name.”

The actress had only positive things to say about her daughter.

“I have met babies who are screaming and they’re crying and they’re trying to convey all these things and you get so terrified and overwhelmed. I’m very grateful to her,” she said. “She really has it together! She’s really impressing me.”

“I count my lucky stars every day because she is … really interactive and happy and nice to people. She’s a nice person.”

As for her relationship with Kopelman, who she married in June earlier this year, the twice-divorced Barrymore says she’s just “so lucky”.

“It’s amazing,” she said of her marriage. “I never take it for granted.”

Watch the video of Drew Barrymore talking with Ellen Degeneres below.