Back to the future: Nameberry predicts the most popular baby names for 2028


In a decade from now the baby name landscape may well look quite different.

Or perhaps it won't. Apparently most expectant parents choose from a reasonably narrow pool of names - sticking mostly to tradition and honouring family, despite the reported increased desire for individualistic names.

Nameberry has revealed its top 1000 predictions for which baby names will be popular and which will be rarities in the year 2028, giving parents a glimpse of the names their children may be choosing for their own offspring.

It looks like the classics aren't going anywhere in a hurry if the top 50 is anything to go by. Although rising in the ranks are names like Maverick, Paisley, Kinsley, Easton and Carter, which also reflect a push for fresh, modern names that have an air of individuality.

Will Mateo be the new Mason? Mason astonishingly doesn't feature at all in the top 1000 for 2028, but Mateo has been predicted to rise to number two after Liam. With Mason cracking the Australian top 10 last year, we find it a stretch to believe it will have dropped out of the US top 1000 in 10 years' time.

The Nameberry oracle has spoken, however, and the most notable theme is the explosion of surnames being used as first names.

When it comes to boys, in particular, surname names will continue their meteoric rise. In the top 50 predictions alone we have Maverick, Lincoln, Carter, Easton, Greyson (also Grayson), Nolan, Jackson, Hudson, Jameson, Logan, Colton, Sawyer, Hunter, Brantley, Everett, and Weston. That's 17 names out of the boys' top 50.

To a slightly lesser extent, girls also get in on the surname action in 2028. We've got Harper, Avery, Kinsley, Paisley, Everly, Quinn, Piper, Riley, Hadley and Kennedy; a not unsubstantial total of 10.

Here are the top 50 name predictions that parents will be bestowing upon their new babes in 2028.

1 Charlotte Liam
2 Amelia Mateo
3 Harper Maverick
4 Emma Noah
5 Olivia Lincoln
6 Evelyn Lucas
7 Mia Henry
8 Aria Theodore
9 Ava Jaxon
10 Sofia Oliver
11 Avery Carter
12 Penelope Benjamin
13 Mila Wyatt
14 Scarlett Leo
15 Kinsley James
16 Camila Easton
17 Paisley Greyson
18 Nora Elijah
19 Emilia Jackson
20 Eleanor William
21 Zoey Levi
22 Everly Hudson
23 Isabella Jameson
24 Hazel Jaxson
25 Violet Jace
26 Elena Asher
27 Layla Ezra
28 Ellie Josiah
29 Stella Logan
30 Luna Sebastian
31 Aubree Julian
32 Willow Luke
33 Victoria Elias
34 Aurora Grayson
35 Quinn Isaac
36 Alice Owen
37 Piper Nolan
38 Riley Samuel
39 Lucy Colton
40 Raelynn Jack
41 Skylar Sawyer
42 Genesis Declan
43 Adeline Kayden
44 Sadie Hunter
45 Bella Brantley
46 Hadley Kyrie
47 Cora Everett
48 Ella Rhett
49 Kennedy Weston
50 Abigail Roman