Baby name apps for finding that perfect name


Gone are the days of the eye-rollingly boring A to Z baby name books.

By the time you'd get to C for girls, you be zoning out or nodding off, not even making it to the boy name section.

With people using a much wider variety of names than ever before, and smartphone technology supplanting books for many research tasks, it's little wonder that baby naming has also gone high tech.

We've done our research to identify five amazing baby name apps that will sustain your interest and help you find the perfect name for your baby.

1. Nametrix

Photo: Nametrix

​Nametrix sets itself apart by tackling what ambitious parents consider to be the most important aspect of naming; the professional appeal of a name. Nametrix will tell you the top names for certain jobs. A few of these include plumbers, playwrights and... strippers. Yes really. 

It's a bit of a lark but there are loads of useful features such as 100 year popularity graphs in certain countries, sibling names, origins, meanings, and more. This app has it all really.

2. Kinder

Photo: Kinder

Kinder (free with In-App purchases) has been likened to Tinder for its similar functionality. Simply choose BOY or GIRL or DON'T KNOW YET, then enter in a last name and voila! You get to swipe left to reject the name suggestion, or swipe right to approve it.

Invite your partner and when they also approve of a name, you get a match. This method might solve some baby name tension.

3. Babyname

Babyname (free with In-App purchases) works pretty much like Kinder does, with names you and your partner both like added to a shared list.

4. Namey

Namey ($1.49) offers suggestions based on 'smart algorithmic matching,' which is a fancy way of saying that it gathers a bunch of your naming requirements to come up with suggestions.
You can input preferences such as name origin, first letter, desired characteristics, name meaning and other family members' names.