Are these the baby names due for a comeback?


With parents increasingly turning to unlikely nouns and obscure words from the natural world for unique name fodder, could it simply be that they're barking up the wrong tree? 

Why not completely disregard the '100 year rule' (which sees names make a comeback once they're beyond living memory) and look to more recent decades to go with 'deliberately dated' instead?

A thread on Mumsnet is in full swing, that asks people about the names they think are 'due a comeback'. The original poster Wenstworth , writes:

"I think Rachel, Amanda and Clare may make their way back around soon.

I met a 2 year old Hilary (girl) the other day and somehow it didn't seem quite "right". Can't put my finger on it as of course many names from decades ago are popular now, but Hilary doesn't quite suit little kids to me somehow!!

What others do you think may start to appear soon?"

It's a good question, and one many have something to say about.

"I'm thinking names like Nicolas, Phillip, Andrew, Matthew, Paul, Peter and the girls equivalent like Claire, Sarah, Helen, Suzanne, Phillipa, Harriet and Georgina", says one responder.

Another lists names from her 80s upbringing.


"I was thinking about names in my (80s) primary school the other day and wondering if/when some of those names might make a comeback. 








"Susan has got to be due for a comeback now. And Ann, and Jane. Roger! Bring back Roger! It's such a great name."

"I met a baby Laura the other day. That to me is a very 80s name. As a teacher I've never come across a Laura under the age of 30."











Names which were popular all across last century were mentioned, including the mid-century classics, Roy and Ray.

"We are naming our son Roy and I heard a baby called Roy when we were out and a (distant) friend is also calling her little boy Roy too! So wonder if it will be making a surprise leap up the name list this year?"

And additional proof that many of these oumoded names are indeed making a comeback.

"At my DD's old nursery there was a toddler called Keith. At her new nursery there's a little Brian."

We can definitely see parents making a shift towards these names in the next few decades. Only time will tell.