American parents used 1100 new baby names last year


If America is "the land of the free and the home of the brave", last year's baby name results reflect just how wholeheartedly its inhabitants embrace the phrase. Quartz writer Nikhil Sonnad has revealed that 1100 new names were used by American parents in 2017 - with the top new invented name being Camreigh.

Sonnad reports that the spelling of Camry has been around for a while, but that 91 little Camreighs burst onto the scene in 2017, amid a flurry of names ending in "eigh". He notes that 218 of the top 1000 US baby names end in the increasingly popular suffix - you can see the full list here - while in 1950, there were only five.

We're not anticipating Camry or Camreigh would take off in Australia because of the rather unexciting Toyota sedan of the same name. 

Next on the list is Asahd with 58 births, an invented spelling of the name Asad, which is a popular Arabic name meaning lion. Celebrity music producer DJ Khaled is undoubtedly behind the appearance of the new spelling - he called his son Asahd in 2016 and has been promoting him as a mini-mogul ever since.


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And we should be careful not to get culturally tone deaf about names. These are not all necessarily invented names, some, like Iretomiwa from Africa, are simply new to the US top 1000.

Killean is probably an alternative spelling of popular Irish name Killian.

We're also noticing a pairing of the increasingly popular Luna with another name, like Lunarose and Lunafreya, as well as other name smushes like Avajade and Averyann.

Here's a list of the top invented names in the US for 2017. You notice a Game of Thrones influence in there, with nine little Olennas and astonishingly, 11 called Cersei.

And while the minimum number of births to make the list is five, we've kept it to nine, or else you'd be reading it all week.

Camreigh 91
Asahd 58
Taishmara 38
Kashdon 30
Teylie 23
Kassian 22
Kior 20
Aaleiya 19
Kamreigh 18
Draxler 17
Ikeni 17
Noctis 17
Sayyora 15
Mohana 13
Dakston 13
Knoxlee 12
Amunra 12
Arjunreddy 12
Irtaza 12
Ledgen 12
Avajade 11
Cersei 11
Imona 11
Lunarose 11
Miraclle 11
Novahlee 11
Owsley 11
Gurbaaz 11
Alisanne 10
Avianni 10
Brexleigh 10
Janova 10
Lunafreya 10
Mayuka 10
Ning 10
Iretomiwa 10
Caspen 10
Meliodas 10
Sreyan 10
Tewodros 10
Yeziel 10
Acelia 9
Aleissa 9
Ameela 9
Arev 9
Averyann 9
Cahlani 9
Cemile 9
Dhanvika 9
Dvorah 9
Eleia 9
Harsirat 9
Jyn 9
Kaionna 9
Kayzleigh 9
Kehlanie 9
Keloni 9
Kylahni 9
Laylany 9
Olenna 9
Rufta 9
Sabali 9
Aakil 9
Aarushreddy 9
Aavir 9
Amenadiel 9
Haysen 9
Imronbek 9
Jiren 9
Khyro 9
Killean 9
Osian 9
Syedali 9
Zagan 9