30 French baby names

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French names are always in fashion, but a few have risen in popularity in recent years.

In 2014, the French moniker Charlotte - the feminine version of Charles, meaning "feminine" - was the second most popular name given to baby girls in Australia. And with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge choosing this name for their little princess, it's likely to stay in vogue for a while yet.

As for the boys, last year saw Mason, which is of French origin and means "stone mason", come in at number 13 in the top 100 Australian boys names. Its rise in the charts may have been influenced in part by Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick naming their eldest son Mason in 2009.

If you like the idea of using a French moniker for your little one, here's a list of not-too-tricky-to-pronounce prénoms in time for Bastille Day.

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Amelie: This name means "industrious, admiring." Amelie took out the final spot in the top 100 names given to Australian girls in 2014. It's also the title of the 2001 french film starring Audrey Tautou.

Collette: Meaning "victorious" and a variation on Nicolette, Collette is also the name of Australian- based fashion designer Collette Dinnigan.

Elle: The short and sweet Elle is a lovely alternative to the consistently popular Ella, which came in at number 10 in the top 100 girls names in Australia last year. It simply means "woman, girl."

Eloise: One of the fastest rising baby names of 2014 (up 20 places to number 73), this French moniker is derived from the name Heloise.


Emmaline: Meaning "hardworking", Emmaline is a variation of the name Emily, which came in at number 6 in the top 100 girls names in Australia last year.

Etoile: This pretty name means "star."

Fleur: "Flower." With Lily (number 18), Ivy (20), Poppy (49), and Rose (68) all making it into the top 100 girls names in 2014, Fleur is a lovely on-trend alternative.

Gigi: Meaning "brilliant and trustworthy", Gigi is also the name of Australian actress Gigi Edgley.

Giselle: If you like the idea of naming your daughter after a Disney princess but don't want to go with the increasingly popular Elsa, why not consider Giselle from the 2007 Disney film Enchanted. This lovely name means "a pledge, promise".

Jolie: Meaning "pretty", this name is famously linked to Angelina Jolie, who was born Angelina Jolie Voight. She legally removed "Voight" in 2002.

Lucienne: Lucienne is the diminutive of Lucia, which means "light". It has elements of two monikers in the top 100 Australian girls names of 2014: Lucy (23) and Sienna (14).

Solange: Meaning "sun angel", Solange is also the name of Beyoncé's younger sister.

Violet: Coming in at number 46 in the top 100 Australian girls names, Violet has increased in popularity since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose this moniker for their first-born daughter in 2005.

Ysabel: This is the medieval form of Isabel. Isabella and Isabel both appeared in the top 100 names in Australia from 2014 (at numbers 12 and 76 respectively), so Ysabel is a unique spelling of a popular choice.


Remy: Meaning "from Rheims", which is a city in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France.


Astin: Meaning "starlike", this is a similar sound to the more popular Ashton or Austin.

Beau: Meaning "beautiful and handsome", Beau sat at number 84 in the top 100 boys names in Australia last year. Australian footballer Beau Ryan and actor Beau Brady also share this moniker.

D'arcy: This name is a variation of Darcy or D'Arcy and means "dark."

Didier: This moniker means "desire." If it sounds familiar, you might be thinking of Australian model/actor Didier Cohen who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in 2011.

Dashiell: The name given to Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton's eldest son, this means "page boy".

Dilan/Dillen: Meaning "like a lion," these names are an alternative to the more popular Dylan, which was number 55 in the top 100 baby boys names in Australia last year.

Etienne: Meaning "crowned one," Etienne is the french equivalent of Stephen/Steven.

Guillame: This is a variation on the popular name William, which was number 2 in the top 100 Australian boys names in 2014.

Leroy: "The king." With  "L" names featuring heavily in the top 40 Australian names for boys last year - Lucas (6), Liam (10), Lachlan (11), Levi (27), Leo (32), and Logan (36) - Leroy is a less popular alternative. Other spellings include Leroi or Leeroy.

Marcel: Famous Marcels include author Marcel Proust and actor/mime Marcel Marceau. It means "young warrior".

Olivier: Meaning "from the olive tree", Olivier is an alternative to Oliver, the top boys' name in Australia last year. It's also the name of french actor Olivier Martinez.

Ourson: Meaning "little bear," this name is on-trend with celebrity babies Bear Blu (Alicia Silverstone), Buddy Bear (Jamie Oliver) and Bear Blaze (Kate Winslet).

Quincy: Meaning "fifth son's world," the name Quincy is most famously associated with 82-year-old musician/producer Quincy Jones.

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