28 names for babies born in winter

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Looking for some baby name inspiration for a bub born during the colder months? Here are 28 options from around the world to consider. 

Alaska: This is the American state closest to the north pole, so it's no surprise that it's also the coldest. Parents who choose this would also be taking part in the ongoing trend of naming a baby after a place.

Aspen: The trendy US ski resort gives many parents name inspiration; in 2014, Aspen was the 397th most popular girls name in America.

Aubin: French for "white".

Bianca: Latin for "white, fair skinned", Bianca was ranked number 360 in the US in 2014.

Crispin: While it means "curly haired", this name is perfect for a baby born on a crisp, blue-skied winter day.

Crystal: Think of snow and ice crystals for this baby name, which was given to 657 baby girls in 2014 (ranked at number 477).

Demi: A shorter version of Demeter, the Greek goddess responsible for winter. Ranked at number 632 for girls names in 2014.

Eira: A Welsh girl's name meaning "snow."


Eirwen: This Welsh name is made up of Eira "snow" and Gwen "white, blessed". Can also be taken to mean "white as snow".

Frediano: This male name from Italy comes from the Roman name Frigidianus, derived from the Latin frigidus meaning "cold".

Gwendolen: In Welsh, this means "white circle". In 2014 the alternative 'Gwendolyn' took the 420th spot for girls in the US.

Gwenyth: This female name is Welsh for "white".

Iclyn: Feeling a bit creative? Take 'Ice' and add a feminine suffix to make Iclyn.

Jack: This popular name (it was the 3rd most popular boys' name in Australia in 2014; in the US it made it to number 41) actually comes from 'John', which means "God is gracious, merciful", but could also be used in winter as a cheeky nod to Jack Frost.

June: This Latin word is the also the month which is the start of winter in Australia. It made it to the 317th spot in the US charts in 2014.

Juno: While Juno was actually the goddess of marriage and childbirth in Greek history, it can also be used as an alternative spelling to Juneau, the capital of chilly Alaska.

Lumi: This is a Finnish female name meaning "snow".

Miyuki: Meaning "deep snow" in Japanese, this girls' name is a slight deviation of the name Yuki, which simply means "snow".

Neve/Neiva/Neva: This name, Latin for "snow" has several variants.

Nevada: Another place moniker, the name Nevada means "covered in snow" in Spanish.

North: While most will now associate North with a certain Kardashian-West baby, directional names have been popular for a while now (think Easton, Weston). As for winter, North is a reminder of the North Pole.

Olwen: This Welsh girls' name means "white footprint".

Pearl: This snowy colour is also the birthstone of babies born in June. It's currently riding a nostalgic wave of popularity, making it to the 628th spot in the US last year.

Ruby: This bright gem is the birthstone for those born in July, the mid-winter month. Last year it was the 9th most popular name in Australia, and the 90th most popular name in the US.

Storm: Baby born (or conceived!) on a wintery, stormy night? This name can be used for either gender. (Check out our gallery for more unisex options.)

Whittaker: Following the surname-as-first-name trend, Whittaker is of English origin and means "white field".

Winter: The most obvious choice on the list, WInter was given to 553 girls in the US last year.

Yukiko: This Japanese name literally means "snow child".