2016 baby name trend: nature names for girls

 Photo: Getty Images

Every year we await the top baby name lists with bated breath. They're a snapshot into the minds of new parents; their likes, dislikes and personal style. And now, more than ever, people are drawing from an expanding database of names, bringing close those which have never been in common usage as first names, or going wild for trends of old.

Of course, nature names have always been popular, as staples such as Lily, Ruby and Violet have been popular before. But the list of top Australian baby names for 2016 revealed that many more parents are turning towards names based in nature.

While Sienna has been on the scene for some years now, she still retains her modern vibe, with fellow S name Savannah hot on her heels. We're also seeing a push towards naturals such as Winter, Savannah and Eden.

Here are some of the top nature names used for girls in 2016. (Want more? See top surnames used as first names for boys, or the top 100 list. You can also check out our baby name inspiration lists, or our baby name finder tool.)

You can view by its popularity ranking, or click the 'name' column heading to get the names in alphabetical order.