iParenting ... It seems there's an app for every stage of pregnancy and being a parent.

Phone fun ... There's an app for every stage of pregnancy and being a parent.

When you discover you're pregnant, you want fast access to information that will answer the all-important questions as they come to you.

What will happen to my body this week? How will my baby change each week?

Will I really crave gherkin-flavoured ice cream, even though I've never eaten gherkins in my entire life?

What does the name Beyoncé mean? Does it even mean anything, or is it just one of those made up names?

We all find it frustrating when these questions come to mind at the most inopportune times - and, naturally, we can never remember them when we have our computers right in front of us.

This is where mobile phone applications really come into their own. With so many free and low cost pregnancy-related apps available, they’re fast becoming a convenient resource for expecting parents – and in some cases, a great source of entertainment, too!

Click through to see some of the most useful and popular pregnancy apps available for the iPhone.

(By the way, to save you looking it up: Beyoncé's mum found her inspiration in her own maiden name - Biyencé. Now you know!)