Woman slammed by siblings over baby's name: 'They can't be around her'

The mum refuses the let them nickname the baby.
The mum refuses the let them nickname the baby. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Naming a baby after a grandparent is usually considered a sweet thing to do, but one woman has been slammed by her siblings for naming her daughter after her mother.

The new mum has reacted by banning her brother and sister from spending time with the baby girl.  

Posting to Reddit, the woman explained her mum had her later in life, so she didn't really grow up around her siblings.

"I guess she wasn't a good mum the first time around, very neurotic and controlling, and she wanted a do over baby," she explained, saying she's "heard some horror stories about" her mother but she loves her mum anyway.

"I had a baby girl six months ago and named her Kalia, in honour of my mum, Lia," she said.

"My brother kept making comments about that poor baby, and why didn't I just name her Jezebel."

"His wife was annoyed about how she is automatically going to be the favourite, and my sister took it the worst. She got very mad at me, saying my mum doesn't deserve that and it isn't fair."

The new mum was offended by her siblings reaction the her the name.

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The woman said she and her siblings have a "weird dynamic" but do get along most of the time.


"They are always nice to Kalia, but they call her K or baby. I really don't like K and I want her called Kalia," she said.

"I brought it up nicely and my brother said he can't say the word Lia without wanting to gag, and my sister said it makes her mad every time she says it.

"I'm sorry, but it is her name."

The woman explained her mother has now noticed other family members are calling the baby K instead of her name.

"it hurts her," she said. 

"But most importantly it isn't her name.

"Kalia is her own person and has nothing to do with whatever my mum did years ago.

"I finally told them if they can't call her by her name, they can't be around her. I won't be inviting them to my house or letting them have much of an aunt/uncle role."

The woman said her brother is "OK" with the decision, but her sister has called her insensitive. 

She asked fellow redditers if what she had done was wrong, and readers didn't hold back. 

"Your siblings don't have a 'weird dynamic' with your mum she ABUSED them," one person replied. "She's their abuser. You keep acting like a person who sounds like she made their childhood hell, is someone they should be treating better."

"Pick a nickname you don't hate and have a little sympathy for their very different experience," suggested another.

However, some thought the mum was well within her rights to name her child whatever she wanted.

"She named her baby after her mum who is important to her. Not even the exact name, just similar," one person said.