Woman left 'dumbstruck' after pharmacy assistant refuses to sell her a pregnancy test

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Photo: Getty Images 

A woman is fuming after a pharmacy worker refused to sell her a  pregnancy test and told her she "shouldn't be trying to conceive at a time like this anyway".

Writing on a Mumsnet forum, the UK woman said she went to her local pharmacy hoping to buy a test, and was waiting outside due to restrictions on the number customers allowed inside at one time.

When the assistant came to the door, the interaction immediately got off to a hostile start. 

"She asked me what I wanted. I said a pregnancy test," the woman continued in her post. "She took real umbrage to that."

The shop assistant told the woman a pregnancy test was "not an essential item".

"You can pick up a prescription or medication ONLY," the pharmacy assistant told her firmly. "You shouldn't be trying to conceive at a time like this anyway."

The woman said she was "left dumbstruck by this interaction".

"I walked away at that point, came home and ordered one on Amazon to arrive tomorrow," she said.

"I stood well back from her, I didn't raise my voice. But it's okay to be shouted at now?

"And being told I shouldn't have a baby? Very bizarre".

Other users on Mumsnet agreed the situation was strange, and the pharmacy assistant was out of line.

"That is awful and totally unnecessary," one woman wrote.

Others pointed out that the pharmacy worker didn't know the woman's circumstances and has no right to judge her.

"Women have occasionally (sarcasm) become pregnant without 'trying to conceive'," one user wrote.

"Your circumstances and reasons for requiring a test kit are none of her f---ing business" she continued. "She has no right to comment!"