‘That's child abuse’: Latest viral TiKTok challenge involves ‘throwing’ babies

The alarming challenge has internet users concerned.
The alarming challenge has internet users concerned. Photo: TiKTok

It surely goes without saying, but you shouldn't throw a baby.

An alarming new TikTok trend is doing just that, with videos showing parents and older siblings tossing  babies off camera as they sing and dance to the song 'Baby' by Blueface.

In the challenge, users dance to the song holding infants and toddlers, before 'throwing' them away after they sing the line, 'plan C.'

While some TiKTok users appear to place he kids down gently on a soft surface, many are  less gentle in their approach - and critics are deeply concerned. 

"Just gonna let these people keep tossing they kids around?" one user demanded.

"So, child abuse is cool now?" commented another. 

"Let's check on these kids."

"Where are the babies going after they throw them, I just wanna know?" questioned another. 


The artist behind the song, Blueface, even shared several of the videos on his Instagram page with over six million followers. He seemingly promotes the trend, captioning a compilation of the clips with "Grab da nearest baby".

His followers were not happy and slammed the video series. 

"Imagine tossing your infant child for a blue face TikTok challenge," an exasperated user wrote.

"That's not funny" agreed another.


#PlanC link in my bio 😂

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It's not the first time a TikTok trend involving babies has gone viral at childrens' expense.

Earlier this  year a popular challenge entailed  spilling water on babies and filming their reaction, while late last year parents were filmed throwing cheese at their kids.

The challenges have sparked a mixed reaction from parents and non-parents worldwide .

Thankfully, there are also more uplifting TikTok trends, such as the 'cuddle challenge' and the 'boob challenge'. 

Judging on the kids' reactions, we think they enjoy those challenges a bit more too.