'So surreal': sisters give birth 90 minutes apart in adjoining rooms

The sisters and their husbands after giving birth.
The sisters and their husbands after giving birth. Photo: TODAY Parents.

Having a close relationship with your siblings is special, and two sisters in Minnesota, USA have had the ultimate bonding experience — giving birth only 90 minutes apart in adjoining rooms.

Brittany Schille, 30 was admitted to hospital for a scheduled induction on the December 14. Less than three hours later, she got the surprise of her life when she realised her sister, Ashley Carruth, 29, had gone into labour - and was being moved to the room next door.

"We looked at each other and just started bawling," Carruth, told TODAY Parents, saying she'd "prepared" herself throughout her pregnancy to not have her sister around when she gave birth due to COVID-19 restrictions, so was thrilled when she was there.

 "It was comforting and so surreal," she gushed.

Brittany Schille and Ashley Carruth gave brith 90 minutes apart.

Brittany Schille and Ashley Carruth gave birth 90 minutes apart. Photo: TODAY Parents

Curruth said her and Schille always wanted to be mothers together, and are ecstatic that it happened in real life, adding they think that their father, who passed away in 2016, was behind the amazing coincidence.

"He knew we needed each other," she explained. "To some people it might seem like a crazy coincidence, but for us ... we know it's God and our dad."

Carruh, who also has a three-year-old daughter Eden, gave birth first to her son, Cassius John, was born first, followed Schille's son, Zander Paul.

As well as having her sister around for her son's birth, Schille is excited to have someone to share motherhood with.

"I've been calling Ash with questions. She's been through this before. She knows what she's doing," Schille told TODAY Parents. "We'll be up in the middle of the night, feeding and texting and talking."