Seeing double: the confusion and hilarious confessions of twin parents

Hilarious confessions from parents of twins.
Hilarious confessions from parents of twins. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

They already have more than one newborn baby to look after, but parents of identical twins or triplets are also gifted with some bonus anxiety — the fear of getting your new bundles of joy mixed up.

Curious about how parents can ever be sure they have the "right" child, one Reddit user put the call out asking parents of multiple children how they do it.

"Parents of identical twins/triplets," the post read. "How sure are you that you never accidentally switched them around and raised them under the wrong names?"

Thousands of parents, teachers and relatives replied with their tactics and confessions, with some twins even writing in admitting they've never been sure if they have the name their parents originally intended.

The colour coder

"I know someone with identical triplets. she said this was her absolute biggest, all consuming fear. They kept the hospital bands on as long as possible, and then used coloured sharpies and kept one of each babies feet colour coded.

"The third trip has always been considerably smaller though so she is easy to tell apart (she got less placenta or something). The other two though are completely interchangeable. She said they did the colour coding thing for the first few years until the kids knew who they were and could tell each other apart."


"Parent of twins here. When they were first born in the hospital, literally a few hours old, they were in little cots with their name tags above their heads. Someone opened a door too fast and the breeze knocked both tags to the ground. I picked the tags up and couldn't remember which was which so just guessed. No one else needs to know. Especially not their Mother."

The old switch-aroo


"After giving the twins their names at the hospital, their mum and dad brought them home and decided their individual personalities actually suited the opposite name. So their parents just switched their names - didn't have to do any paperwork.

"It's amazing, now that the twins are fully grown (in their late 20s now) their personalities are still so opposite (artist vs. banker) and their names suit them both absolutely perfectly."

The trusting father

"I honestly just took my wife's word for it for the first six months or so."

Confessions of a twin

"If it makes you feel better about messing up their names, I'm an identical twin, and in hindsight, I don't recall my dad using our names when talking to us as a pair until we were reaching adolescence.

"It was always 'snoopy and goofy, Mutt and Jeff, goofus and gallant' and stuff like that. I never thought much of it at the time but I'm pretty sure he couldn't tell us apart on sight alone until we reached an age where we started to distinguish ourselves from one another."

The nail polish technique

"A good friend of mine is an aunt to twin boys. She told me that her sister kept two magic markers on the changing table and would use a different colour on the bottom of the foot for each boy as infants. When they started walking and getting dirty she would use nail polish on their big toes to tell them apart. I thought this was genius!"

The wrong twin

"I'm a twin (fraternal) and my mum had always told me that I was 'twin A' and that my blood type was O. My sister is 'Twin B' and blood type B. Fast forward 30 yrs later, I got blood work done because I was pregnant and they said my blood type is B. My mum mixed us up!!"